Esports Dota 2 Betting: TOP Sites in USA

Dota 2 became popular in 2013 which triggered the launch of numerous gaming websites offering eSports where they allowed players to bet on Dota matches. Two years ago things took a drastic change and now many players have shown interest in Dota betting.

When searching on the internet, you need to be aware that there are many Dota 2 betting websites, but very few are legit. To win the game, you need to equip yourself with the right knowledge concerning the game. You can’t win a bet by just reading a prediction and then placing a bet.

Only a couple of websites are recognized for having a good reputation of offering Beta 2 betting houses, but that which standout among all is the Betway Esports.

Betway Esports

Among the many sites that offer eSports dota 2 betting, Betway esports is one of the best websites that offer credible customer service. Once the games are scheduled on a specific date, the matches will be available. You only need to deposit funds, and you will stand a chance of winning 100%. The website is user-friendly. Thus you will not experience any difficulty even if you are a beginner.  The best thing about the site that is not common to many websites is that you are offered an opportunity to cash out your stake any time you want before the game ends. When using the Betway esports website, you do not have to fear about the credibility of the site because it is fully licensed and trustworthy, and you can enjoy many hours of fun. Besides, you can confidently stake your money without any fear of losing it.

Betting Online on Dota 2

The game is recognized for its complexity which means that it requires much attention. It is one of the best MOBA/RTS game to be produced. It comprises of MOBA, RTS, RPG, and excellent graphics and for it to operate, it doesn’t need luxurious PC configuration, and yet it is free-to-play. This is how the game proceeds; the team fighting each other and in each side, five players have different responsibilities, styles, and abilities.  Before the match begins, each player chooses the characters they want to play depending on the style of the game. You are supposed to select one character in the midst of over 100 playable characters that are offered for Dota 2. Strength, agility, and intelligence are factors that distinguish characters type.

Every character carries six items to use on battle while over a hundred will be arranged in classes and the course of the game, players can get them. They equip a character with both unique skills and powers. The winning team is the one that will be the first to destroy the opponent’s ancient or base. That’s how the name originated Defense of the Ancients (DOTA).

How to Play Dota 2

It is advisable to choose the character that is equal to your gaming style because not all styles can be played mostly by beginners. To make it a little easier, use the list below;

  • Disablers-disables the opponents for just a short time
  • Pushers- are perfect for terminating ancients
  • Nukers- are strong in damaging and distributing abilities
  • Durables -have a greater resistance to damage
  • Escapes- moves fast across the map
  • Initiators- at the start of the game, they are the most effective ones
  • Support- helps other players in disrupting and healing
  • Carriers- are the heroes that develop during the match to be the leaders at the end.

Final Tips

Before you start Dota 2 betting, you need to acquire the basics of the game and then follow the competitions to be able to identify the best gamers. If you are a rookie, it is advisable to watch the tournament broadcast first to have the insight of the game and know how it works