Paysafecard Burnishes Esports Betting Sites

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With the rising popularity of eSports betting, developers are creating new offers about depositing in the eSports betting sites with one of them being Paysafecard eSports. Online betting has become so common making it necessary to come up with the best and most convenient method of depositing money into the betting accounts. In this case, we go for Paysafecard eSports.

How Do We Deposit Using Paysafecard Esports?

To start with, you must register a betting account which means you must be over 18 years. Then you will choose an eSports betting website that accepts Paysafecard. Its popularity has made many people use it in making deposits for online betting. This is because it doesn’t necessitate you to use either debit or credit cards. Therefore, if you do not have a credit card yet, then the way to go is by using Paysafecard. Another of its advantage is that it doesn’t share anyone’s personal information. Gg esports one of the sites on which you can bet using this payment system.

The Paysafecard difference with other payment methods is that instead of having to enter an account number or a debit card, it gives a 16-digit pin code. Therefore, when making any payment of any transaction, you will just enter the 16-digit pin without any personal details required. In simpler terms;

  1. You will buy it with an amount of your choice.
  2. In the eSports, select the Paysafecard payment amount of your choice/the card amount
  3. Enter the 16-digit PIN code from the card bought.

Note that, if you bought a €80 Paysafecard card and only use €50 for a particular transaction, you can use the remaining €30 for a different transaction. When purchasing a safecard eSports, you do not have to buy a card from the same currency that you will pay for. Automatically the currencies will transfer upon payment where a reasonable fee is charged.

Merits Of Using Paysafecard Esports?

For us to get convinced to use Paysafecard eSports much, we should learn the advantages of using it first. The Safecard eSports is a very profitable method of depositing funds. Although fees are charged in specific situations, you don’t always pay any fees for transactions via this betting method.

Paysafecard ESports also is very safe as it can be seen from its title the word ‘safe.’ It is very easy to use. You don’t have to fill up any personal details when buying and using it. It doesn’t give access to your bank account or credit card. I, therefore, see it like using cash. The fact that it does not provide access to the bank account or credit card makes it very different from other payment methods.

For the convenience of this payment method, it is very easy to use and buy Paysafecard eSports. You can just buy it easily through a regular bank transfer or in the many shops selling it.

How Has Paysafecard Esports Made Betting Different?

Paysafecard has really made ESport betting very different. In situations where there are very few games to bet in eSports, use the Safecard in betting on the really not-known/not popular tournaments. The demerit with this is that it can be very hard to predict the outcome which causes upsets very often.

Paysafecard eSports does not have draws as an outcome. As a result, this has made the safecard’s eSports betting quite easy. This is because draws allow a match to have three outcomes which are very hard for the beginners. If you want to bet on more than three outcomes, safecard eSports will enable you to bet on the time on which the game can end or bet on specific picks and bans in the games.

Unfortunately, it is a bit more difficult from regular betting sites. But if you bet for fun, it adds thrill which is a significant advantage over the regular betting sites. Being driven by profits a lot in Paysafecard eSports may be an obstacle for you, but, if you love eSports games, the card’s eSports betting is definitely recommendable.

Online Paysafecard Betting Sites

Which are some of the betting sites that accept Paysafecard betting method? Some of the betting sites that have approved the use of this payment method include:

  • William Hill
  • 888Sport
  • Racebets
  • Ladbrokes
  • Betway
  • Unibet
  • Green
  • Sportingbet
  • BetVictor
  • Paddy Power

William Hill:

William Hill is one of the highest branded betting sites in Britain. It is one of the big players that have accepted to use Paysafecard. On William Hill, making a deposit using this method is a piece of cake. When making a deposit, you select your payment method as Paysafecard, enter how much you want to deposit and automatically you will be redirected to its eSports page. Your pin will be then be requested, require you to agree to Terms and Conditions stipulated and the money automatically gets added to your bet slip.

When using it on William Hill, depositing and withdrawal of funds have proven to be incredibly refreshing and safe.


888Sport is another Paysafecard online betting site. In 888Sport, the minimum amount one can deposit is £10 without an upper limit. Paysafecard betting has been made possible by 888Sport by introducing its payment on their mobile app. Withdrawals can be made using bank draft transfers or wire. The only demerit being that wire transfers takes 5 to 8 days and bank draft taking 11 to 16 days.


This is used for horse racing betting. Paysafecard is accepted with a minimum deposit of £1 only. Fees are charged for withdrawals from banks accounts. While withdrawing you must provide your personal information as well as bank account information.


Ladbrokes is one of the online betting sites with the minimum amount deposited using Paysafecard being £5, and on following all the steps required in processing a safecard’s transaction, the amount instantly gets credited to your bank account. For any withdrawals, you have to enter the bank account information to be processed within 3-5 days from the request making time.


Betway deposit minimum is £10, and there are no deposit fees. However, you will be in a position to use Paysafecard to take advantage of bonuses.

Catches In Paysafecard Betting Sites

One definite thing with betting sites that use Paysafecard is that they have accepted focus on poker not necessarily to say it’s all the listed sites in the industry. Paysafecard eSports does not facilitate any kind of withdrawals with the requirement of providing bank account information upon making any withdraws. Besides, some of the sites also will not allow you to use it as a method of payment for welcome bonuses.

Paysafecards In A Nutshell

  • It has been accepted by many online bettors in the world.
  • Mainly, Paysafecard is for depositing but not for withdrawals. In case of a withdrawal, you must provide bank account and personal information.
  • Much of the deposited minimum amount is £5 and £10. This can be compared with other depositing methods.
  • Its deposits are all always free regardless of the payment method used.
  • The Paysafecard’s official website facilitates online betting and other sites that accept it.

Paysafecard eSports betting might not be the most popular betting and payment method. But a lot of online betting sites have accepted it not to mention, even the casinos. When withdrawing the money, you will have to provide bank account and personal information out of your bet slip. But then again while uploading your account its best to use Paysafecard. Deposits transactions are all free for all the sites making it the significant incentive of Paysafecard.