PUBG Europe League

PUBG is also known as Players Unknown’s Battlegrounds. This new game is taking the video game market by a storm. The unorthodox, inventive multiplayer video game is in Battle Royale style. This game accommodates to both the gamers who prefer first person gameplay as well as the third person perspectives, alike. The game is available on PC as well as other popular consoles and it stars the brainchild of Brendan “Player Unknown” Greene and was developed by PUBG Corp. partnering with the famous Korean publisher Bluehole.

The storyline of the game PUBG is very much relatable to that of the 2000 film Battle Royale. 42 teenagers left high and dry on a marooned island with explosives strapped all around. The last player standing alive is the winner of the Game PUBG, same as the film, Battle Royale.

And the beast rises up

The representatives of the Bluehole were impressed with the optimism that Brendan “Player Unknown” Greene showed on promising to sell a million copies in the first month itself after its release. The representatives were doubtful about this claim and were soon proven wrong when the game sold a million copies within sixteen days upon release. The game went on to sell another thirteen million copies within the next seven months.

This gaining popularity puts PUBG on esports betting worldwide. PUBG betting is a newcomer as opposed to the other games in the genre. FIFA, the league of the legends, DOTA and StarCraft2 are amongst the other popular games. As the game is gaining popularity, there will be a number of competitions lined up including the PUBG Europe League Regions. The bookmakers will take time to offer any odds in their list of esports.

The various PUBG betting types

The sites with PUBG betting will offer different odds and betting types to the fans. Since this game is new and young not many variations will be available but still, there will be a thrill for the betters.

To begin with, one can bet on the winner of the PUBG tournament. In the individual matches, one can bet on the winner of a particular round. Betting in the finals is another option that attracts a large number of betters. Placing a bet on the total number of wagers won by a team is an interesting bet enough. Handicapped bets can also be placed among the other favorites of the game. In the near future as the game grows more tournaments will be up for betting.

The most awaited tournament of the year

The PUBG Europe League will have teams in different levels competing for each other with equal rivalry skills, in a competitive pyramid form. There will be three divisions in the whole PUBG European League Ecosystem

  • PEL- pro division will consist of sixteen teams
  • PEL Contenderssemi-pro division will have thirty-two teams competing
  • PEL Openamateur division will have no limit

According to reports, the PUBG European league will commence on March 21st, 2019.

Betting in PUBG with game skins and bonuses

Game skins are also used by many gamers in lieu of cash deposits. This is offered by some bookmakers. The game skins are purchased in lieu of real monetary denominations.  One can wager any unwanted PUBG skins for the online tournaments.

Bonus offers will surely be provided with PUBG betting codes by the bookmakers allowing the PUBG bets.

Betting on PUBG European League

To start betting on PUBG one needs to open an esports betting account. The process takes no more than a minute, where the user needs to fill in basic details like full name, address, and email id, date of birth, username and password. As the account is set, one is ready to place their bets on the odds as desired.

Drawing out money is also not difficult. It is as easy as creating the account initially. But one needs to keep in mind that they can draw money back to the account which was used in depositing the money. Both the accounts have to be the same i.e. for depositing the money and drawing out the money later. There are lots of options available for the depositors and betters so that they can place their bets easily and draw the money out whenever they require. However, one should remember to use the same account in both instances.

From where players come and play this game?

The growing popularity of the game has gained fans worldwide that are regularly keeping a close watch on the game. They are from various regions of the world, which come together in the tournament to battle each other off. You will find players from the Middle East region such as Libya, Lebanon, and Kuwait battling across each other to win short tournaments. You will also find players from other European regions as well. The PUBG Europe League region includes places such as Austria, Portugal, Germany, France and Portugal and in even in various other regions as well.

You can also find players from places such as Afghanistan and Turkey as well, even in countries such as South Africa, Sudan and Uganda, and the Zambia regions. Hence, it is right to say that, in the PUBG area, one can actually come in contact with the whole world.

What makes you a better PUBG Player

Well, if you want to be a better player then you should not forget to check out the official rule book for the PUBG European League and become the best player among all the players around the world.