Razer Viper Mouse for CS GO Pro Gaming


Razer Viper Mouse

It doesn’t truly matter how good your gaming mouse is since a certain delay between a click and computer’s response in terms of click registration is always present. Razer conducts drastic measures to eliminate this delay with its newest release, the $80 Razer Viper uses optical switches rather than mechanical ones. Basically, when you click on Viper’s buttons, they will trigger a specialized technology that sends the signals to the computer without any delays. Razer also indicated that this innovation would decrease the so-called bounce-back effect, which will ultimately make the detection of rapid clicks more troublesome on the software side of the PC.

Razer Viper – Best Gaming Mouse For CS GO

Indisputably, this all may sound like marketing hype when the company itself states that ordinary players won’t probably spot any difference between the technologies used in the gaming mouse. However, cs go bets websites underline that the ambitious esports competitors are most likely to find a good use for this feature. In the highly competitive CS: GO esports scene, a fraction-of-a-second will give you a competitive advantage over the enemies. Razer is currently having partnership deals with CS: GO champion with a nickname “TACO,” who was using this device throughout his last competitive year to prove the mouse value in the esports domain.

Other than for the esports-related purposes, the mouse is comfortable for casual gaming. The remarkable design with the support of multiple buttons from both sides is supplemented by the DPI toggle button on the bottom. So, any player is capable of setting unique DPI configurations and secure it inside the mouse memory in order to use it throughout the different PCs. The device is also uniquely light, whereas its 69 grams of weight is secured by the Razer’s exclusive cable technology to control the cable specifications of the device.

A short CS: GO training practice with TACO has allowed experiencing these features in-game, whereas TACO assisted in helping the mouse to secure some solid headshots. In general, swiping was incredibly smooth and easy. Previously, I was using a wireless Logitech MX Master to play CS: GO, which is not designed for gaming purposes. Although I wouldn’t change my mouse that I love for years for the Viper right now, yet I definitely observed gaming-related bonuses in terms of responsiveness and lightness. So if I were to give up my blogging for the sake of professional Overwatch, I would definitely consider using Razer’s Viper.

The mouse is now available for $80, so you can purchase it in stores starting from the second of August.

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