Review Of The Latest News In Esports in January 2019

The year has begun with a couple of surprises that, although highly expected and intensely teased, still made the delight of all the eSports fans out there. Regardless of the game that is their specific cup of tea, novelty is kept in high regards when talking about any one of the eSports that hold fans glued to the monitor screens. Especially now that, since last year’s Supreme Court decision that affected, amongst others, eSports betting in the USA, the number of people interested in such events has dramatically increased.

Information is key, so we’ll be talking a bit about the highly expected release of a new Champion to wreak havoc in League of Legends games. Also, find out a little about the future event that’s soon going to go down in Katowice, in the already famous CS:GO style. And some fun facts about the event that just pulled the curtains over some spectacular twists and turns, in the dota2 Bucharest Minor. Only a few days in this new year and things are already happening at a fast pace, just as every eSports enthusiast likes them to be.

Riot Games Unchains their Newest Threat  

Sylas the Unchained finally broke out of the imprisonment of the League of Legends creator’s imagination and lashed his broken chains against the Demacian throne. His backstory was presented a couple of days ago through a short video, and ever since LoL fans have already pictured ways to put this newest Champion to good use. And the diverse abilities that the character possesses make him great.

The mix of sustainability and damage inflicting abilities, and here we’ll just let you check out his Kingslayer, can keep Sylas alternating between the role of top laner or jungler. The cherry on top is the fact that Sylas can take any enemy’s ultimate and use it as his own. There are some rules here on how that happens and some strategy is surely required, but it ultimately does sound like loads of fun.

A Real Treat for eSports Betting in the USA: Americas Minor

The path that leads to the greatness of being the CS:GO Champion in the Major event in Katowice, this year, is bound to leave lots of victims behind. Especially fragged victims. And one event that might lead to that title is the Americas Minor, going down on January 22-26, 2019.

Eight teams fight for the two places that take them straight to the Majors, while the third one can still maintain hope, going through another play-off. With the well-known NRG and EnVyUs as clear favorites, the third place battle seems all the more interesting. Perhaps we’ll see a breakthrough from Brazilian FURIA, the comeback of eUnited or a surprise from interesting South-America’s Imperial?

Dota2 has no Small Events, but a Minor

              More specifically, the Bucharest Minor dota2 event, which has just ended. Presenting at the line-up last-year’s famous OG, amongst others, the tournament begun with an unprecedented game between Team Team and BOOM ID. The game has been surrendered by BOOM ID through a GG status, mere seconds before the radiant creeps, unobserved by any of the two teams, managed to take down TT’s throne.

The rest of the tournament found OG surpassed in the Upper Brackets as well as in their Lower Brackets confrontations. EHOME went on undefeated until the Finals, where they lost their first game of the tournament, against Gambit. A simple spark that hasn’t managed to slow down EHOME’s momentum into a crushing 3:1 final score, therefore winning the Minor, the money prize and the invaluable 500 DPC points.


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