Top 10 World Best CS:GO Players of 2018

Rating the Best CS:GO players can be somehow a challenge since it’s a subjective one. Players’ ranking change monthly. Furthermore, IGLs and Entry Fraggers do not get to be represented appropriately by their statistics. However, using HLTV ratings and career earnings, we can know the top 10 world Best CS:GO players of 2018. You can also check out csgo betting sites for further information.

Here is our list from the lowest to the highest:

#10. Krimz

He came from a history of defeat to players like Flusha, JW and Olofmeister. This year he was able to step up his game to conquer them to claim the number 10 spot. His stats include 1.12 HLTV rating and 1.22 at Majors.

#9. Gla1ve

Lukas ‘gla1ve’ Rossander claimed the number 9 spot with statistics of 1.11 HLTV rating and 1.15 at Big Events. Based on his impressive performance at in-game, leading Astralis to multiple tournaments wins including his second major victory he should have been given a higher ranking.

#8. Coldzera

Coldzera did not find it easy this year because he has not won any major premier event in 2018. However, this Brazilian core has been resilient with a 1.17 Big Event rating throughout various team changes and struggles.

#7. Dupreeh

Peter ‘dupreeh’ Rasmussen, a two-time major winner, has been impressive this year. With a 1.17 at Big Events this year he laid claim to his position as Astralis’ entry fragger. He has played a significant role in Astralis’ dominant reign for the entire part of 2018.

#6. NAF

Canadian Keith ‘NAF’ Markovic doesn’t always feature in best players’ debates, but the player has cumulated a 1.18 rating at Big Events and claim the NA’s top talent this year.

#5. Magisk

Ever since his time on the Danish SK Gaming roster, Magisk stands out with top-notch abilities. After losing his place from North in the most unusual roster cut ever, he joined Astralis and carved a niche for himself by bringing them to number 1 position in the world.

#4. Electronic

Dennis Sharipov Electronic joined NaVi in December 2017 and ever since has picked up 5 tournament wins and recently his first major final. However, at 20 the Russian prodigy is going strong with no sign of relenting.

#3. NiKo

NiKo’s performance has remained stable in 2018. He has to his credit 1.26 rating at Big Events which pushed him up to number three.

#2. Dev1ce

Dev1ce and NiKo are both neck-to-neck on statistics, but after Dev1ce won 4 big events this year 2018 and picked up his second major win, he rose to the level of the greatest in Global Offensive.

#1. S1mple

Standing strong on the top spot is S1mple! He boasts of a 1.35 HLTV rating, 1.34 at Big Events and the most MVP medals in 2018. With stats like that he is miles ahead of all competitors this year!  However, without a major win, he still has three major finals in two different teams. At just 21, he has plenty of play time ahead of him so that he would remain CS:GOAT for a long time!


Now you have them, top 10 world Best CS:GO players of 2018. How will next year look like? Are we going to see major changes in the line-up? You must stick around to find out.