Astralis won the IEM Katowice 2019 With Ease

Astralis hardly faced any issues in IEM Katowice 2019, when they played against the ENCE in the final and beat the Finnish side at the Spodek Arena. It was although expected that ENCE would upset Na’vi and the Liquid in both the quarter and the semi-finals.

ENCE chose the Train as their first map and even though Finnish showed many signs of life, the match was sharply closed by Astralis with their first map with 16-11 map. A similar type of battle matches involving two teams and multiplayer first-person shooter is often played at CS:GO that also attracts esports betters.

Things changed for Astralis in the second round

By the time the second map, which is commonly known as the Inferno, the game changed a lot as Astralis came back strongly. Astralis managed to take a lead over his opponent and win the second round with a huge difference of around 14-1. It is true that ENCE had a good start at the beginning of the two rounds, however, soon things changed and Astralis closed the game with 16-4 point.

Winning the two major titles “FACEIT Major and ELEAGUE Major Atlanta” has helped the company to move up to another level with fnatic’s record of winning three major titles. Katowice 2019 results state that Astralis have made history by winning Major titles back-to-back and now being positioned as the third team to do so. The Brazilian roster of Luminosity/SK and fnatic are among the first two teams that hold the same record earlier.

Astralis are now looking for their fourth major title. In the “BLAST Pro Series Sao Paulo”, they will again be playing in the next three weeks. Now, the wait is there for the “WESG 2018 World Finals” that holds a huge prize pool of $890,000 and 31 teams fighting for it.


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