Online Payment Methods At Esportbet Platform

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When making a bet on eSports online, you need to consider which payment method is easier for you. It can be much easier if you make use of your Credit or Debit card. However, you can log-in into your web wallet and then use it to fund your online betting account. Continue reading as we reveal some of the major deposit options available at the world most ranked online sports betting sites.

Can I Trust Online Betting Payment?

Making payments online may seem to you a bit risky, but in fact it allows you to send your money quickly and totally secure. eSports provides high-quality technology so that everyone can easily enjoy betting in no time.

Let’s take a look on online payment methods which you can comfortably use from every place in the world. We will precisely explain to you how they work so you know how to pick the one which suits you best. On each of the sites you can get betting bonus

Online Betting Payment Methods and Bank Transfers

Once you sign up on eSports platform, you will need to choose a way to bet your money online. Available options depend on the country you are using the website from. No matter what you end up choosing, eSports guarantees that all the possible methods are completely safe to use.

It is a popular method used by most online betting sites. All you need to do is to log into your bank account and choose the direct transfer option. Make sure to correctly fill in bank account details which betting site will provide to you. In some cases, gambling website may suggest services like Citadel Direct to facilitate the transaction, or allow direct deposits via EFT or by visiting your local bank teller.

Credit & Debit Cards

The ones of the most frequently used online payment methods in the world would be credit and debit cards. MasterCard and Visa are accepted practically by almost all betting platforms. Some of them also allows you to use Entropay (virtual Visa which backs up your deposit with an extra layer of security).

How to use your credit or debit card to pay for betting? Just enter your name as it appears on the card, credit card number, expiry date, three-digit number located at the back of your card and the amount of money which you wish to deposit. That’s it – the transaction is completed in just a few minutes.

Web Wallets

These days more and more people use their web wallets (also known as e-Wallets). Therefore, many online betting sites decided to accept this payment method. What are the benefits of using your web wallet?

First of all, you do not have to reveal any of your personal financial information in order to transfer the funds for your bet. Simply sign up for your e-Wallet account, deposit your money there and then just deposit it to online gambling site – using just your web wallet ID and password.

This online payment method gains its popularity also because it works very fast and safe. E-Wallets are especially interesting choice for games participants who make bets across multiple sportsbook sites. Skrill and Neteller are commonly used web wallets at eSports, but you may find some other specific web wallets used by some countries at the gambling website.

Pre-paid Cards

Do you consider yourself a player who 1) desire to remain totally anonymous when betting your money online, 2) value your online security more than anything, 3) can’t use your bank account or line of credit? If you answered ‘yes’ at least once, you should consider using pre-paid cards, also known as e-Vouchers.

You can simply purchase your e-Voucher in physical retail outlets by cash. There will be no need to ever reveal your identity or banking information. You will just receive the unique PIN number and it will need to be entered into your betting account once you decide to make a funds transfer. However, be aware that pre-paid cards method doesn’t allow winners to withdraw their money. You will still need to pick a different online payment option to receive your cash prize from your winning bet at eSports.

Flexepin and Paydafecard are most commonly used e-Vouchers at online betting sites. Moreover, countries which accept Visa and MasterCars payments, usually allow you to also use pre-paid MasterCard, Visa and gift cards.


PayPal is currently one of the most trusted online payment options in many countries. You can use it at most leading eSports gambling sites. PayPal allows its users to transfer their money with no need of sharing their personal financial information (it’s the same case as with web wallets mentioned earlier). Meanwhile, it offers an extra advancement to secure your online transactions.

Unfortunately, some countries make it impossible for their residents to bet through PayPal because of certain gambling laws. Is PayPal not available in your country? Don’t worry, you may still consider using many other payment options, such as web wallet (you can find information about it above) or one of the payment options described below.

Specific Payment Methods Available in Some Countries

Since eSports platform allows betting the players from the whole globe, we want to make sure that every participant has a chance to use the most suitable online payment method. Therefore, in addition to options which are popular globally, we make it possible to use some country-specific transactions for our customers from some countries or regions.

You can check some examples of online payment methods available in specific countries below. They are accepted by most of popular eSports betting sites.

  • Bitcoin – decentralized cryptocurrency for deposit and withdrawal option offered to Brazilian and USA players.
  • Boleto Bancario – a bank issued invoice for Brazilian players.
  • AstroPay – a pre-paid card catering to countries with complex online gambling laws, like the United States and Brazil.
  • GiroPay – a web wallet service available in Austria and Germany.
  • POLi – an online payment service for New Zealand and Australia.
  • Entercash – an online payment service available in certain countries within Europe.
  • M-Pesa – a mobile deposit service for Kenyan and Indian players.
  • Sofort – an online payment system for European customers.

eSports wants to be sure that every online transaction its players make is safe and secure. This is the reason why the betting site you chose should be protected by Secure Socket Layer (SSL) digital encryption security. You can simply identify it by the padlock icon in the URL address.

For your own security, you should also use only these betting sites which are regulated by gambling jurisdictions and have sincere and proven track record.