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Overwatch Betting Sites 2020 in USA

Overwatch Bets gives you chances to make more money at leisure time with this gaming and betting software.  Overwatch comes in a friendly and a simple platform that you will find your way around this betting game on your own for the very first time.

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Overwatch Betting Sites 2019

Overwatch is a shooting game which breaks into the limelight recently, and since then it kept on rising till today to become one of the best betting game. Overwatch bets give you the opportunity to make money while having fun with the Overwatch games that are available to be played for free!!!

The accessibility makes it incredibly easy and fast to place your bet on your favorite team as the team moves from one competitive level to another, from hustle  to wins with more than 90% assurance of winning your money back and alongside some bonuses that even makes winning more real and easier.

Playing and Betting on Overwatch bets gives you value for your money as markets are always available. Unlike other betting games, you don’t need to worry much about your present skills, all you need to do as a beginner is just to follow the lead of your teams. The good news is that in Overwatch bets, everyone wins something (beginner, intermediate and expert players), selecting from a roster of over 20 characters, each with a unique style of the play whose roles are divided into three general categories that fit their role. Overwatch is considered to be one of the greatest video games of all time, receiving numerous games of the year awards, alongside other accolades which in returns draw so much attention to it from gamers all over the world.

Overwatch Design

Overwatch game as an astonishing look with an HD graphics, its play style is incomparable with ease to navigate the control settings, enough variety in maps and characters. Overwatch does not lag in speed, it has awesome gameplay speed not too fast and not too slow and the time of play is not necessarily long which makes it not boring. Overwatch is really enjoyable and easy to follow for viewers as it has less sophisticated story line. Finally, time limitations make the game really tasking.

Overwatch Bets: How It Is Played

Competitive Overwatch betting games have six (6) players each in two different groups. Each team then choose its strategy to reach their goals. Overwatch is divided into 4 competitive modes, namely; ESCORT, ASSAULT, HYBRID, and CONTROL.

Escort Mode

In Escort mode of the Overwatch game, the team strives to guard a cart also known as payload as it moves to another point on the map. The cart starts moving once Heroes stands in range to the payload, and the goal is to make the cart to reach its destination before the given time elapse. On the other hand, the opponent tries forestalling the payload from reaching the destination or making time runs out before the payload is delivered to the destination.

Overwatch Assault Mode

Both teams (The attacking team and the defending team) compete and fight for various points across the map so as to capture the point for themselves. It’s like taking territories for oneself. The team has to work together to make this possible. You need the manpower and strategy here.

Overwatch Hybrid Mode

This mode is simply the connection of Escort mode and Assault mode. Your team is first required to capture areas on the maps, and afterwards, you are then given tasks to transport payloads from those points or area of land you have captured to another.

Overwatch Control Mode

Teams compete for a particular area or a thing, so a team at the end of the day lays claim on the land or the thing. The second part is then to defend what you have won for yourself from other teams so as not to lose it to them. New areas to be competed for are always at a point in time unlocked on the map, and it can be seen when such areas are unlocked.

The way you build your team composition is up to you as have the liberty to create for yourself different strategies and plans.

Getting To Know Your Overwatch Heroes: Different Hero at your command!

Tank Hero, Attack/Offense Hero, Defense Hero and Support Heroes;

Tank Hero: has no other purpose than to protect, disrupt the enemy and are usually tough, able to survive in harsh conditions.

Main Attributes

  • Endurance
  • Protection (Self and other team members)
  • Skilled in using shields
  • Crowd control

Defense Hero

They defend and guard their territory and establish territory too. They can also cause damage to the opponent side at a long range though. They often use weapons like snipers and frag launcher, and they are best active in their role of protecting territory won.

Support Hero

This team of heroes sustains the survivability of the other team members by providing medication for the wounded and strengthening the weak ones so as to be able to increase and improve the survivability of the team and reducing damage outcome to their team. They must be protected because they are not capable of attacking the enemy.

Attack Hero

This is the main group of the team seen in the forefront of the battle line, as they attack, oppress and harass the other team. They are characterized by their mobility and presence of high damage weapon.

Investing Your Money On Overwatch Bets: Spend Your Money Wisely!

You can place Overwatch bets on the outcome of a match; this is also referred to as Money Line. The outcome of a match, meaning the winner of the overall match, winner of the specific contest of the game, the area of map captured e.t.c. Bets can also be placed on different maps in Overwatch as there are different maps in which the matches are played. Some maps are much easier to play as an attacking or defending team. You can choose any pattern you want to play with the three game modes.

There are other ways of betting apart from the ones above listed and explained. It may include the following;

Fantasy Betting: allows you to select a specific player and you win as they perform well during the games

Wagering; is the most popular Overwatch bets format. You chose an amount of money on the team that they expect to win. Odds are determined based on the total amount of money placed on each team within that betting service.

STRATEGIES: How To Ensure Your Winnings!

All you need to secure your winnings in Overwatch bets is to rely on teamwork and be able to enhance a good communication between each set of heroes. As you now know that each group of the team have the dynamic role they play in the group and you must ensure and enforce this for the success of the team, i.e., doing a short research on a team’s composition, what languages they speak and how long they have been playing together could give you a tip of success.

Tournaments And Prizes

Overwatch betting tournaments are open for all, i.e., anybody can register and play for FREE!!! For novice of Overwatch bets, they have the chance of winning many give-outs, coupons though small, but will still win something and for the higher level of players, prizes as high as $10000 is up for grab and with the addition of $5000 going to the first place winner courtesy of the Blizzard limited.

Overwatch bets is a betting game entering the market early. You are bound to be rewarded. Taking the risk now will ensure a space for you in the market before the market gets filled up.