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Thunderpick Esports Betting Review 2019

Video games are one of  humanity biggest passions, no doubt about it. Almost every person alive has at least once played video games. Super Mario has become a symbol of an era, and nowadays League of Legends is a name familiar to everyone’s ears. Accordingly to the Entertainment Software Association, the video games industry in United States alone has added USD 11.7 billions to National GDP. No surprise that websites like thunderpick esports betting are so popular and well-reviewed.

Geek culture is expanding fast: comic books, science fiction movies, online esports matches and video games are increasingly popular among teenagers and young adults. The most recognizable characteristic of a geek is his or hers interest in technology and virtual reality. But only because it’s virtual, it doesn’t mean it’s not real. Esports fans are like any other else: they crowd hole stadiums to watch esports matches! And they also like betting, a lot. Esports betting websites like thunderpick concentrate a lot of matches and games for punters and esports enthusiastic.

Thinking about this pattern, the industry is always innovating: every few years there are new models of video games available. Currently, 161.8 millions of video games consoles exists United Stated. A symptom of geek-times: almost every person has at least once heard about the League of Legends (LoL), the most popular of video games nowadays. A quick search online and you will find thousands of esports matches to watch.

If you are a passionate player, you’ve probably heard or visited many of esports betting websites. However, not every one of them are trustworthy, and you need to be careful when managing money online. The thunderpick reviews are very positive, besides providing a user friendly design, it also contains a wide variety of esports matches available for betting. It does not matter what kind of video games you like, there will always be interesting matches for betting on thunderpick. If you are looking dota 2 betting sites then click on thunderpick!

Turn Your Hobby into a Revenue

Geeks usually spend lots of time playing video games. Time flies when we do things we love. Imagine how good it would be if all the effort and knowledge you allocate in video games could turn into extra money? It’s true that professional gamers make a lot of money on esports matches, but if you’re just an amateur, betting online can be a very good option to turn your games hobby into a revenue.

The esports games community is large, visit thunderpick anytime and find thousands of live matches and betting. Additionally, every championship takes enormous crowds into stadiums just to watch the matches. Not to count those fans enjoying the matches on TV. Think about all the money these people are willing to spend to see their favorite gamers win? Why not take a part in these games?

Keep updated about every thing that happens in esports. Follow thunderpick social media and sign up in esports newsletters and/or pod casts to get familiar with the best games, rankings and popular matches. The more information you read and listen, the better prepared you’re to start betting! It will only take a few minutes to check what’s new in the esports betting world.

How to Start Betting on Esports with Thunderpick?

By now, you may be convinced about start betting on esports. Here are some tips for you to follow and avoid bad surprises:

  1. Get familiar with the games: if you’re not an affectionate gamer, or if you decided betting in a esport that you are not very familiar with, watch some matches before starting. There are plenty of matches and instructing videos on YouTube. Understanding the games rules is essential for you to decide what esports players are worthy of your money. Avoid to betting in friends and family just for solidarity;
  2. Buy credits online: there are a lot of ways of getting funds for betting on thunderpick. You can use bank transfer, digital currencies, Paypal, credit cards… But be careful not risk all your money unwisely. Start by investing a sum that will not make a very big difference for you;
  3. Select the matches: don’t be too greedy at first! Prefer small matches for betting at the beginning. Choose low-profile games, and matches with fewer betting to get started. After some time, you’ll become more familiar with how things work. Betting is an ability like any other: the more you practice, the better you get;
  4. Accept the risk: betting is uncertain and depends a lot on hazard, if you do not tolerate the idea of losing, don’t even get started. There are times you loose, the important is to have fun and know when to stop betting.
  5. Cheer and have fun: after buying funds and choosing the matches on thunderpick, there is only one thing to do, which is to cheer and have a nice time watching the esports games!


Why Choose Thunderpick above Others Esports Betting Websites?

Thunderpick is the best reviewed esports betting website, here’s why:

User friendly: you don’t have to read a manual to learn how to navigate on thunderpick website. Many betting and investing websites can be very confusing. Take online investing brokers for example. If you’re not a professional, you’ll hardly understand how to access an online broker and make investments. That will not be the case with thunderpick, internet common users face no hard times using our betting website.

Easy to withdraw money: after making good betting, of course you want to get your money as soon as possible. We guarantee no bureaucracies to make withdraws. It is as easy to buy funds as it is to take out your profits!

No limits on winnings: some betting websites put a limit on how much matches you can win, but thunderpick doesn’t. This can be very annoying if you are facing lucky days. We are not in Vegas and we are not a Cassino, the money you earned betting on the right matches is yours by right..

Popularity: operating for some years now, we conquered the trust of many esports players. Our community is worldwide and expanding, and this is good news for you! The more esports games, matches and betting we put together, the more chances you get to win a large sum. Of course, if thunderpick services were not reliable, we would certainly be out of business by now.

Low fees: in order to guarantee the maximum profits for you, thunderpick works hard to provide the esports betting market’s lowers fees. We believe providing good services attract more esports players, and good services are not necessarily expensive. Thunderpick reputation for putting client’s interest above all is our greatest proud.

Online support: technical failures are inevitable sometimes, but do not worry. Thunderpick provide online assistance 24h a day, even on weekends and holidays. Our team of experts are always standing ready to help you fix your problems. Esports matches betting is a no stop game.

Matches options: it doesn’t matter what you favorite esport games are, be certain to find it on thunderpick. Always a diverse and wide catalog of games and matches is available. Diversification is one of the first rules we learn when becoming a punter.

Language: if you do not speak English, no problem. The thunderpick esports website is available in a variety of languages making it easy for international users sign in.

Reliability: it goes without saying that your personal data and money is safe with us! Cyber security is one of our main priorities, that is why thunderpick is proud to hold high security certifications.

Make friends: if video games is your passion, find many interesting people on thunderpick. Discover what is trending in esports games, make friends and enjoy yourself! Betting is supposed to be fun!

The esports games market is growing and you do not want to be out of it. It already exists TV channels exclusively dedicated to esports games competitions. The League of Legends matches are broadcast even by ESPN. If you are not a gamer, but you are interested about games betting and investing money, it is time to learn about esports.

Video games completions is becoming a new sport modality. It is not unreasonable to think that in just few year from now esports games may get into the Olympics! Do not wait another minute to visit thunderpick esports betting! Look out for user review online and make sure about the quality of our services. Thunderpick allows you to put together your passion for video games,  betting opportunities, and the best esports games matches. How could you ask for more? Sign in now!