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StarCraft 2 Betting Sites 2020 in USA

Everyone in the world who loves playing will be excited to earn money just for doing what they like. And one of the ways to do it is betting. Thus, many people have resorted to betting to gain money without working hard.

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What About The StarCraft Esport Betting

Mainly, eSport betting is a game aiming at enjoying sports and other big events. Many people have no idea what eSport betting is and begin to judge. In fact, it is putting real money bet on the result of the game or match to win more money from a large sporting event.

StarCraft 2 is an interesting game that was first invented by somebody who named it after him, so it was called StarCraft. Many people prefer playing games online than playing on real, so they acquire the spirit of suspense and StarCraft 2 Betting is a perfect kind of games appealing to suspense because this game makes them interested of what will happen so giving the game the flavor of interest. This game is an eSports game played by two players aiming at gathering information and sources to create perfect armies. StarCraft is the fifth best-selling game in Pc.


General Information About Esports Starcraft I And Starcraft II

Many people nowadays enjoy playing betting StarCraft I and StarCraft II as they are real-time video games making you so interested in the upcoming events.

Playing StarCraft is not related to age. It suits people of all ages. The only existing condition is that you have to fund your account when creating it so that you can bet and win. Some resort to bitcoin to pay their bets but worldwide, this way of payment is not preferred for the majority. StarCraft betting has become so famous among many countries as it has been proved that it is a perfect way of gaining money without hard work.

In 2015, those working on this betting site have carried out a survey in many countries and proved that over 1 million players are in into betting. The whole cost they may bet in one year may exceed half a billion dollars which proves that many have made that betting site as for the professional players they discovered there are many little things you can do to look for the thoughts of your competitor. Some used some information they collect about their opponents to build their own armies and beat their betters.

The perfect players use many strategies and call them different names. They consider the game a position for the greedy people, so they use the legal and illegal ways to find the best way to beat their competitors. Some put into consideration the percentage of 10 % bonus you may risk with, so there is no room for mistakes in that game.

In StarCraft betting I and II, cheating is not the best solution, and it may lead to a great loss for every one resorting to it. Though, some say “if it helps you win, go for it,” it may put you at the great risk.

How To Bet In Starcraft 2

The game is a military science fiction one that creates weather of interest.

To be a perfect and professional better, you should know well how to play the game and every small and big point in it as follows;

This game is formed of 3 parts called:

  1. The Zerg: works on whelming the other betters with numbers
  2. The protoss: depends on few numbers to focus on.
  3. The terran: the part related to the human nature, so it is considered the most flexible part in the game.

These parts differentiate from each other in armies and abilities. These parts may also be called bases.


As for the advantages and disadvantages of each base:

The Zerg: offers

  • Many units of armies.
  • Low costs.
  • Weaker damage.

The protoss: offers

  • Suitable amount of units.
  • Very High costs.
  • Very high strong damage.

The terran: offers

  • High mobility.
  • Very good defense so making the technique and strategy of the Terran is the most powerful one in the game.

At first, each player chooses a base (any base from The Zerg, protoss or terran) well after knowing the advantages, disadvantages and the abilities. Besides the base, the game is formed of 12 workers and this base. As for the role of the workers, they act on other armies by destroying their base first as it is most important part of the game; this destruction comes from knowing its weaknesses and strengths. Then, the destructor workers build a new base in the position of the destructed one, then training them well for the upcoming threats.

The main role of the player in this game is defending his base and workers from any attack.

  • StarCraft (SC) shows the statistics needed for each player whether his abilities to attack or defend
  • The professional player chooses the most valued players booked by other players in the games before to make good money betting on StarCraft.
  • The game winner is determined by the more armies he destroys during the whole game.
  • The good better in this game is the one who checks the map of the game and its entrances in the roads of this game to be aware of the armies and expect the movements of the other enemies for him.
  • Some players also bet on the player who well defends his army.
  • StarCraft is a game in which everybody does his homework; every player whether the base or the 12 workers has its own role in the game.
  • During the various levels of the game, reaching to a good result in this game is sometimes easy accounting on choosing the best players at first so reaching the summit is easy but keeping it in the next levels is more difficult.

As for the StarCraft 2 (Also it is called Wings of liberty) it is also an eSport game, and it has some beautiful leagues like:

  1. The global StarCraft league
  2. StarCraft 2Star league
  3. Olimoleague

Some players compare in the last period between StarCraft and StarCraft 2;

StarCraft came out in 1998 while StarCraft 2   came out in 2010, but in this short time it has acquired a lot of celebrity between the professional gamers as it is considered a great development for StarCraft. So, there were cafes where you can rent a computer to play StarCraft 2 in the last few years. StarCraft 2 is more popular as top-level players can be enjoyed, even if the player doesn’t know how to play SCII well.

In StarCraft 2, some professional players complaint in that the inventor of the game Mr. Blizzard hasn’t added some more missions for the armies in that game.

StarCraft 2 eSports best sites for playing are many and here are the most famous sites for practicing this game:

  • bet365
  • Arcane bet
  • Bet way
  • bum bet
  • William Hill
  • Sports Bet

Don’t waste your time and go ahead. You will never know whether you like it till you try it by yourself.