Find Your Favorite Esports Betting Sites 2020

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The advancement of technology brought us many online eSports betting sites where you can place your bet from the comfort of your home. eSports betting skyrocketed in the past few years and it resulted in many platforms that offer you tempting odds, bonuses, and promotions. We have prepared several 100% legit websites where you can expect to win your odd!

Note that we don’t have any bonuses, promotions or any earnings by advertising these eSports houses. We only want to spread the word about those eSports betting sites that we had the most experience with. We want to make your experience better and safer!

Top 3 eSports Betting Sites in 2018

Through our years of professional eSports betting, we came up with the list of few best eSports betting places. So instead of reading long and boring reviews about eSports betting, we will try to keep it short while giving you useful information. All of these reviews come from the eSports professionals who have been in this business for years. The majority of these eSports websites cover mostly all regions of the world so you will be able to bet from your region.

Bet 365

There is no need to praise these guys too much, as you have already heard of them. This is one of the oldest eSports betting platforms, which has been keeping its high-level of professionalism for many years. Bet 365 offers you traditional bets, as well as eSports betting on all games you can imagine – from rugby, darts, to DOTA, WoW and LoL!. A huge offer of game competitions is always available, and you will be able to find a tremendous odd to catch to win the prize!

This review would not be good enough if we forgot to say few words about the support of this platform. The first thing you need to understand is that they serve millions of customers daily, so if you don’t get your response in a few minutes, please be patient and wait a bit more. They care about their customers, and you will get your problem solved as soon as they have a free agent to work on your question.


  • Highly-reliable and safe platform
  • Live streaming & live customer’s support
  • No hidden charge on deposits and withdrawals


  • Not allowed to US punters
  • Occasional slow customer support


It started in 1998 when the developers decided to start a great platform that would be mainly focused on eSports tournaments. This site offers regular sports bets but it became well-known in past few years, as they have thoroughly followed all the interesting matches and competitions in the realm of electronic games and offered competitive odds. In case you are a big-time eSports punter, we strongly recommend you registering at this platform.

CS:GO, Overwatch, DOTA or LoL – they are all available on a daily basis! Great design, UI and simplicity of the registration process (as well as withdrawal process) easily mark this eSports site as one of the best when it comes to eSports betting. The only drawbacks are withdrawal fees and unavailability to UK and US players.


  • Available in almost all regions of the world
  • Outstanding graphic design and easy registration
  • The first platform to offer eSports betting


  • Unavailable to US and UK bettors
  • Withdrawal fees


It is a great website where you can bet with CS:GO skins or bitcoin, although it has a minor setback regarding bets on traditional sports. One useful information for all hardcore gamers – COD, Starcraft 2, Hearthstone and few other top esports games have matches that you can watch live and place your bets. The list of games available for eSports betting is extensive, so we recommend you registering today and exploring the list.

Customer service is 100% effective and they answer all of your questions in the blink of the eye. The main principles that ArcaneBet follow are trust, support, and integrity. No wonder they have $100 of bonus for all new players who make an initial deposit in the amount of $10.


  • Live streaming
  • A vast majority of eSports betting markets


  • Only 4 types of traditional sports are available for bets

How to Find the Best Esports Betting Platform for Yourself?

When it comes to choosing the most suitable eSports service, you need to have few things on your mind. Of course, you can always rely on us, follow our guidelines and reviews for the best experience but if you want to do your own research, try to remember these parameters that indicate a good provider. Note that these do not guarantee the best experience, but they rather serve as strong cornerstones for deciding where you want to bet.

Look for reputation and read terms & conditions carefully

Reputation is something that makes you distinguishable among the competition in any field of work. It is the same with eSports betting – always look for bad reviews so you could see whether the provider is good! Many websites often have few negative feedbacks, usually given by people who didn’t understand or haven’t read the terms and conditions, although it has nothing to do with the overall success of the house. Make sure you read all the terms and conditions to find anything that you don’t understand and ask their support to clarify the things.

A lot of bad reputations come from the fact that people were not informed well about certain conditions and procedures so they acted angry when a provider charged a fee for withdrawal for example. However, it does not mean automatically that the eSports provider is bad. Therefore, always read the conditions and rules of the house and act quickly if they are broken.

Check customer service

Checking the customer’s service is the second parameter that affects player’s choice of house where he will place his bets. As you know, no one wants to deposit his funds into the account that is not secure, and that has no support that can solve your problem. If the customer’s support is not quick and responsive, try to avoid this eSports provider.

It is not the feeling that something bad will happen but rather a security measure that eliminates the chances of “losing your money” due to lack of operative agents which are paid to solve your problems. Also, have in mind that they cannot answer your questions momentarily so be patient but not sheepish.

Legit and secure payout

The third parameter is cash withdrawal. Browse, search and ask support to confirm the withdrawal methods so you could know how to get your money. You don’t want to end up with a lot of money on your account without a possibility to transfer that cash onto your card or PayPal account.

So far, we can say freely that all the betting platforms which offer withdrawal via PayPal are legit and safe for betting. We have had experience mostly with this type of withdrawal and it worked like a charm every time. However, this does not mean that other withdrawal methods are a scam. It just means you need just be careful and perform a thorough research.

Do you Want to Maximize your Winnings?

Many people asked about the tips for doubling or maximizing their winnings. There is no cheat for such thing but what you could do before you place your bet is to check eSports betting sites in order to compare the odds for each bet you want to place. In this way, you will get the maximum revenue for the stake you decide to put on.

Also, you can think of the bonus cash/promotion that some betting providers offer – a bonus on your initial deposit. This step is often skipped by the majority of players (especially new ones) as they are eager to start their betting right away; they forget to enter the coupon code to receive the promotion. Read all the terms and conditions that must be fulfilled in order to use/cash out the bonus cash you received.

ESports Live Betting

As you know, betting live on traditional sports is not something new that emerged lately. However, eSports live betting is becoming more and more popular, even to those who are not gamers. How cools is to watch a live stream of your favorite game, place your bet and eventually win it?

Once the event starts, you can place your bet. Still, have in mind that you must be familiar with the game you are betting on since the turnovers happen all the time. The more you are familiar with the game, the bigger are chances that you will catch a good odd and earn money. It looks easy, but it is a challenge.

Can I Bet on Esports in My Country?

The majority of worldwide countries do not consider eSports betting an illegal act. However, betting on electronic games is not regulated 100% by the local authorities which means that this type of betting is not prohibited. Still, it is advised for every player, regardless to his location and country, to check his local law on eSports betting and comply with the regulations made by the state law.

Still in Doubt? Having More Questions?

There is probably something that you could not find on our site, but don’t worry. If you are having doubts about choosing the best eSports betting service, games you should bet on or any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Our mission is to provide the best possible experience for all eSports enthusiasts, but we can only do it if we work with you.

In case you are looking for information that you could not find on our website, please send us an email and we will try to help you as fast as we can. We are known for fast and reliable customer’s service. Your help is our growth.