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Bovada Esports Betting Review

If you are a sports geek wishing to try out your luck in esports betting, it is extremely important to choose a legal service to ensure that your deposit will be safe and sound. Bovada review can become your big interest in such a case. The legit site with attractive bonus system and the possibility to pay with bitcoin – stay here with us for more information and in-depth honest review for the real sport gamblers.

Bovada esports betting

The object of Bovada’s pride is their sports catalog – you honestly have to be some kind of a pervert if you don’t find the sport to bet on. The article enumerates only the tiny bit of them (concentrating mostly on categories) here to give you an idea of it.

  • Sports with the ball (volleyball, football, etc.)
  • Winter sports
  • Outdoor sports
  • Indoor sports
  • Motorsports
  • Horse racing
  • eSports and so on and so forth.

Now you have an opportunity to go to the list yourself and let your imagination wander choosing the most interesting and exciting kinds of sports for betting.

Of course, having a huge variety of sports is not enough to choose Bovada, so let’s go through other advantages as well.

Is Bovada legal?

This is probably the first question that will come to your mind. And the answer is yes! No matter where in the world you are, this is the most reliable service that has proven its reputation through years and the most prompt way to bet on sports, and for the US players alongside others! So, legal issues are the last to think about when you come to the site – just enjoy the new experience and exchange impressions with other players.

Is Bovada mobile friendly?

This might be the following question appearing in your thoughts and there’s nothing to wonder. It’s extremely important to any website to be user-friendly if the owner/company wants their potential customers/clients/fans to stay for more than once. Obviously, there’s no other option at all for the site like Bovada – not any user would want to find himself in a situation of clicking the wrong button, putting the wrong sum of money or else. They took such good care of their website, that there is even no need to adapt it to a mobile version or create the separate application – everything is clear, understandable and works flawlessly in any browser and from any device.

The site works so well that they are even able to maintain the super high-quality function of live betting. This will be especially cool for the risky players who love the feeling of adrenalin rush. Quick update of the lines and easy navigation allows making bets precisely and with minimum stress. The mode QuickBet allows placing bets in one click, so the possibility of missing something is close to zero.

User interface and customer support

As it is already mentioned, the site was made with user-friendliness in mind from the technical point of view, but it’s other features are simply fantastic as well! The registration process will not leave you confused even if you are a very beginner in online betting. The platform itself is nicely organized – all the sport are categorized to your convenience and pop out from the left side of the screen when you need them. Making bets is definitely not rocket science – you can see everything clearly on the right side of the screen including your potential profit from the bet.

With such care about the clients, it is doubtful you will need to address the customer support, but it should be on the highest level anyways. Luckily, Bovada esports betting keeps the high standard here. First, you can find a really well-thought FAQ section on the site. Unlike many other services, who just list the number of questions and drop a line as an “answer”, Bovada takes the time to provide you with in-depth information and that deserves respect. Second, in case you’d like the assistance of a real person and in real time, there is a wonderful chat bubble which you need to click to start a conversation with the agent. As soon as you access the chat, the phone call option will be available as well and what could be better than actually talking to the person in order to figure out all the possible issues or queries? Additionally, you can contact support via email, but the first two options are already more than enough.

Bovada bonus code system

Another attraction you can find on the site is a different kind of bonuses. You can receive up to $500 of a welcome bonus as a sports bettor that is pretty cool and pleasing as well. One more type of bonus is “refer a friend”. Quite a profitable one, as you are able to receive up to 40% (up to $100) from your friend’s bet unlimited times. In case of any insecurities, contact the support guys and they’ll help you with Bovada bonus code.

Deposit and withdrawal options

Last, but definitely not least is the question of banking options – remember Bovada esports betting, which is not only fun but also profitable. Therefore, as to deposit options, Bovada may have not the biggest variety, but surely the ways are convenient for players worldwide. You can use the credit card (Visa, MasterCard, and American Express) or Bitcoin. For the card option, your Bovada esports betting deposit should be no less than $20 and no more than $1000 with the first time fee of 4.9%. Bitcoin looks much more attractive from such perspective: with a minimum of $20 and a maximum of $5000 it requires no fees and can bring you more bonuses and promotions as well.

The way to withdraw money is pretty much the same: you either wait for a check delivered by courier or use Bovada bitcoin for that. The difference is in favor of bitcoin again – you can withdraw starting with $20 every five days within 15 minutes, while the check will require to withdraw a minimum of $50 only once per week and you’ll have to wait up to 15 business days. So, obviously, if you are able to use bitcoins, this option is attractive for every bettor.

All in all, Bovada is the time-proven reliable online betting service that makes the process of gambling easy, clear, fast, relaxing and, as a result, even profitable. The site has more pros than cons, so you may use it with no doubt.