How to Bet on eSports: Your Best Betting Guide

As esports grows into a massive betting market the odds system and betting process can be daunting to new users. We want to change that and hopefully help turn some of you into expert gamblers. Fans of Esports deserve to be able to bet their money on their favorite teams and events safely and correctly. We will talk you through key aspects such as placing bets, finding the best odds, types of markets and how to place your first bet.

Our experts have been betting for years and know all the tips and tricks to increase your chances of winning. If you are a completely new to the Esports betting process or if you are not too sure on how to bet in general, this guide will leave you with all the knowledge to become a betting master.

How to Bet on Your Favorite Esports Team and Games

Betting on Esports is no different to betting on traditional sporting events. In Esports, as you could imagine the easiest from of bet is to pick your favorite game and bet on a team to win. This in betting terms is known as a match winner or match win; terminology will slightly alter between different bookmakers but they all primarily use a term similar to the ones stated. The method of placing the bet is as simple as the term, click on your choice of team with the best odds to get the most for your money and place the bet.

Betting odds represent the value you will receive if your bet wins and are controlled by the probability of it happening. So if you were to best on a team that is clearly a stronger team and has more chance of winning, you will receive less winnings from the bookmaker. The same works in reverse as you would expect to win a lot more if a weak team gets a surprise win. As Esports are typically global events with viewers from all around the world, different betting sites use several betting odds formats.

This allows us to choose which unit system we are used too and feel more comfortable with. The odds formats used by betting sites are typically one of the following: Decimal, Fractional or Moneyline (known as American). Depending on where you are from and where in the world you will be betting from your preference of odd formats will change For the sake of the guide all odds will be in decimal. If you still would like to covert to another format there are some handy conversion tools available online. Before you get carried away as a disclaimer you must be over 18 to legally gamble and betting sites will not allow you to sign up if you are younger than this – sorry.

Placing Your First Bet

Assuming that you have already deposited funds into your chosen betting site the method of placing your fist bet will start from here. We will place a match bet as this is the simplest form of bet as mentioned earlier. Let’s imagine Team A are playing Team B, Team A are a much better team and are clear favorites to win the match. We have a hunch that Team B are actually going to win the match although nobody thinks that it is possible. We are going to place a $10 bet on Team B to win the match. The key factors that we must look at are the following:

  • The format that the odds are in – we are using decimal.
  • The Odds for Team B to win – The bookmaker are offering 5.00 odds for Team B to win
  •  How much of our money we want to wager – in this case $10

We are happy with our choices and place a $10 for Team B to win at odds of 5.00. This means that if Team B loses we lose our $10 however If Team B come up with the bacon and win the match we will be credited with $50, it works by simply multiplying your stake by the odds so, $10 x 5.00 = $50. As the $10 was originally ours to begin with this means that our actual profit would be $40. If you want to calculate the potential profit for the outset then subtract 1 from the given odds – To work out our total potential profit, just subtract one from the given odds. The formula shifts to stake x (odds – 1) = actual profit. In this case, it’s 10 x (5.00 – 1) = $40.

As mentioned previously, bookmakers calculate there odds based on how likely an event is to happen. If we now look at what would of happened if we decided to bet on the favorites Team A to win the match and assuming that they did. The bookmaker is offering 1.50 for Team A to win. We place a $10 for Team A to win at odds of 1.50. This means that if Team A loses we lose our $10 however If Team A win as expected we will be credited with $15, again it works by simply multiplying your stake by the odds so, $10 x 1.50 = $15. As the $10 was originally ours to begin with this means that our actual profit would be $5. The difference in winnings can be clearly seen but don’t get blinded by the potential winnings! The odds are much higher for a reason and mean that the likeliness of you winning these bets a very low. Bookmakers are clever and stay in business for a reason.

Finding the Best Odds

Now we know how to place bet and how odds are calculated we need to start finding the best odds to maximize profit. Today’s betting industry is saturated with a host of betting websites trying to convince us to deposit our hard-earned cash with them. This means that they will often compete and give better odds than their counterparts. This means more money for us as long as you do your research and act quickly. We recommend having 3 or 4 betting sites open on your browser that provide the same bets on the same events so that you can quickly compare odds between them. Another key point to look out for is promotions and special odds. To attract new customers sites will often sign up offers, we highly recommend using these to boost your takings.

Types of Betting Markets

In terms of Esports there are plenty of markets to bet. Some of the most popular are listed below:

  • Match Win
  • Round Win
  • Draw
  • Group of Winner: The overall final winner of the entire tournament.
  • Handicap bet: This is where you give a team a virtual head start from the offset.
  • Over/Under: Simply over or under a value in a particular statistic

Special types of Esports bets

  • First Blood: You are placing a bet on the team who scores the first kill of the match.
  • Map Winner: You are placing a bet on the team who wins the specified map.

We hope that this guide has given you a bit more of an understanding on the Esports betting markets and how to place bets. The betting process is simple once you get used to odds formats and the available markets. After a bit of practice and lots of research you will be raking in profits that you didn’t think was possible.