Astropay Deposits And Withdrawals For Esports Betting

deposit $20, get $60 Bonus, start with $80
50% Up to 1000$
100 % Up to $2500

eSport betting is an online betting site where individuals can comfortably place their bets and learn more about betting using their real money which may be deposited into their accounts through the Astropay card. This card works as a normal debit card the main difference being it used on the internet only. Betting has become so common, and players/bettors want to use the most favorable betting sites that are very confidential, secure and have the most convenient and fast payment methods. Having read espotrs betting reviews you will find out which payment systems the site offers, as well as about the bonus system, this information will be useful to you.

Betting Sites Supporting Astropay Payment Cards

There are a variety of Astropay esports sites in different parts of the world that use the Astropay card for depositing funds in their betting accounts. These sites include;

  • 1XBet
  • BetOnline
  • Betway
  • Pinnacle
  • William Hill

Since all the above sites use the same criteria when it comes to payment of their Esports betting accounts through Astropay card, am going to take you roughly through two of them to share with the idea of using the Astropay deposits.


This is one of the most outstanding betting companies with many events on sports such as DOTA, LOL, WOT, and CS. It’s well known to be having among the best site layout, welcoming bonuses, customer support, and tight security measures.

Among the restricted countries that do not use real money on betting in Bet365 include Congo Republic, Romania, Yemen, etc.

Sports that can be betted through Bet365 include Rugby League, American Football, Basketball, Tennis, Cycling.

In terms of Bet365 security, it is covered by Thawte SSL Web Server Certificate that offers digital encryption across the entire Bet365. The currencies in the countries that support Bet365 have been allowed. Bet365 has a strict privacy policy where users must understand how the Bet365 operates.

William Hill

William Hill is among the oldest and most popular betting site dating back to 1934. The main question is, how has William managed to outshine and remain outstanding in the current betting and gambling age? The answer is because it welcomes bonuses, superb security, and last but not least excellent customer services.

In the case of bonuses, William Hill offers sign-up bonuses to new customers/new accounts depending on the country a person is applying from. For example, in Canada, a 100% bonus is allowed for a bet of up to $100. In Spain on the other hand, a €100 bonus bet. The advantage of William Hill site is that the site covers most-in-demand and popular Esports.

William Hill allows match-winner bets where you bet directly on things like head-to-head, direct winner. Unfortunately, there are a number of countries such as Afghanistan, Togo, Burudi, Cambodia that have restricted the use of William Hill since Astropay card is restricted in these countries. Among the Esports available at William include Dota 2, League of Legends, Hearthstone, etc.

How Astropay Payment Works on Esports Betting Sites

Astropay works as a prepaid debit card and is entirely based on the internet where there is no actual card (no actual physical card) which makes Astropay deposit more convenient. On loading money on your virtue debit card, your accounts are not linked at all to your card, and you can use the card for funding your esports betting activities.

Astropay comes in between your personal account and your Esports account. It makes it more convenient and faster to use unlike traditionally where justification was necessary before any transactions. Astropay virtual debit card is recommended because it allows for financial privacy. Or simply:

  1. The first step is you need to visit the Astropay card website, and sign up to form your own account.
  2. Then you load your account with money via Astropay card as we are using it in this case by just visiting your bank which in this case is working with Astropay depositing.
  3. Then log in to your best betting site and choose Astropay deposit as your method of depositing the money.
  4. Enter your card details including card number and card security code on the Astropay deposit page.
  5. Your account is now funded and ready to be used.

Astropay Esports Accepted Currencies and Countries

Astropay card is used as a depositing method of online betting sites that originated from a casino and live games. This method of making deposits is not accepted in all the regions in the world. There are some parts that have been restricted. But is South America, this means of payment is very accepted. Among the common places in South America that are accepted include; Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Mexico, Venezuela, Costa Rica. Astropay deposits accept such currencies as TRY, USD, TBH, RMB, JPY, INR, EUR, ARS, and BRL.

How to Deposit in Astropay Esports Using Astropay Card

To deposit in an Astropay Esports account, all you need is to purchase an Astropay card. Then you choose the amount of money you want to pay for the Astropay bet. Depositing the money is fast when as using the Astropay esports account. Then you choose your betting site preferably your best site. Head into the sites banking, select Astropay card and then choose the Astropay deposit. You then enter your 16 digit card number its security code and of course the expiry date. The Astropay deposit then processes instantly and reflects in your Astropay esports account.

I will encourage bettors especially whose currencies and countries are not restricted to use the Astropay card to use it. This is because it is the most convenient method of depositing funds and it is very secure for bets due to the high levels of confidentiality. Around the globe, Astropay esports has shown its prowess bearing in mind its market is worth more than $1 billion. In a span of 2 years, its global audience has grown with over 150 million people meaning that its popularity is growing more and more.

It is believed that the random growth in Astropay esports will help the sporting industry a lot. This will be through finding enthusiastic watchers, professional gamers, and regular sporting bettors.