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Using Visa & Mastercard for Esports Betting

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There are numerous payment options available on eSports platforms which allows you to conveniently and safely withdrawal and deposit funds. One of the most reliable and popular methods of crediting eSports betting is the use of eSports Visa Card.

This is because Visa Card is accepted in the majority of bookmarks worldwide. More so, MasterCard is safe, secure and is globally recognized as a means of payment. It is also convenient for electronic funds transfer and could either be in the form of debit or credit cards. On arcane esports you can make your bets using credit cards.

Why Should I use Visa for Online Betting?

Visa is accepted across the globe, and regardless of which eSports platform you are using, or which country you reside, you are guaranteed that the eSports visa securely covers you. Most of the licensed eSports bookmakers provide their players with the option of using MasterCard for eSports bets. The incredible fact about using Visa is that it offers a higher degree of safety and security. Its worldwide reputation also makes it reliable and convenient.

Bettors prefer using Mastercard since it can be used to credit various eSports such as Dota 2, League of Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive among others. Also on the site unibet esports you can see an attractive bonus system for each new user.

Safety and Security

Safety and security is a critical issue when it comes to online payments since blench of privacy is frequent which could lead to the loss of funds. However, with MasterCard eSports, you are guaranteed of safety and security that will relieve you the worries of possible hacking. Visa card features inbuilt security measures and systems that ensure your funds are protected regardless of the eSport site you use your Mastercard.

Visa card management also have a reliable customer service channel that is highly responsive, and they offer convenient support to merchants such as eSports bookmakers to uphold the security of the users.

Speed and Convenience

Visa is known to be the fastest and most convenient method of payment. When paying for the bets of your favorite games, Visa ensures that the processing of the payment is not only fast but also convenient. The reliability of this means of payment is unmatched by other methods.

Another aspect that makes MasterCard more reliable is that fact that it is linked to your bank account or credit account which makes it easy to access your eSports winnings. You can also link your MasterCard to your Paypal account.

Can I Credit My eSports Betting Account with Visa?

Most players and eSport bookies prefer using MasterCard since it’s globally recognized and is easy to use. Unlike other online banking methods and wallet services, Visa card does not require the player to register to the payment provider. Instead, you only need to upload your credit card details and make your eSport deposit or withdrawal.

After creating an account on your preferred eSports platform, you only need to select Visa by choosing the credit/debit card options listed on the payments sections. And within seconds you can make your deposits. Thus, Mastercard makes your transactions easy and swift. Another outstanding feature of using MasterCard is that you have the option of linking more than one card to your account. This increases flexibility in your eSports payment options.

It is, however, important to note that some banking providers do not support eSports betting using credit. Thus, if you are looking to use your Visa credit card, you should consult with your bank to know if the option is available. You should also read the Terms of Use on your eSports bookie website when using a credit card since some have strict rules. Other banks do not support gambling options regardless of whether you are using a debit MasterCard. Hence, ensure you consult with your bank before linking your Visa.

How to Deposit Using MasterCard eSports

Crediting your account using a MasterCard is easy and fast. You only need;

  • First, create an eSport account with a reliable online betting site and confirm that it offers the option of MasterCard as a means of payment
  • Ensure that your Visa debit or credit card has enough funds to cover the required minimum deposit
  • Make sure that your bank supports eSports gambling activities and if your Visa credit card can be used to fund your betting account

After confirming the above factors, you can now login into your account and make your first deposit. If you are a new player, you are more privileged since most eSport betting platforms offer welcome bonuses to new players. This means that you will have more funds to leverage your bets. Other bonuses such as free bet and risk free bet will allow you to bet without risking your real money. Make sure you check out the offers available on your eSports bookie platform.

Once you have selected MasterCard from the listed method of payments, you will be required to enter the details of your card. This will include the name on the Visa card, the credit card number, CVV number, the expiry date, and the amount of money you need to transfer to your betting account. There may be some additional prompts but they are easy to follow, and within no time, your account will be credited. And you can start betting right away.

Charges for Depositing using eSport Visa

There are certain fees that are associated with using MasterCard to credit your betting account as it is with other transaction options. For example, there are some that will charge currency conversion fee especially if you are using a currency that is not supported by the platform.

You will also be charged transaction fee. Other bookies will also charge a processing fee. More so, MasterCards used to fund gambling activities are termed as ‘cash advances’ which means that your bank will impose some charges.

However, these fees vary depending on the banking provides, and the online bookie provides. Thus, it is important to compare various online eSports betting platform before deciding which among them is the most reliable.

Is it safe to use My MasterCard for Online Betting?

Using MasterCard is one of the payment methods that is secure and which relieves you the worries of a potential breach of privacy. It is normal to feel insecure when submitting your visa credit card details online. However, MasterCard has incorporated state-of-the-art technological measure that ensures that your Visa is safe regardless of which online site you use it on.

The company is famous for protecting its users, and they use stringent anti-theft and anti-fraud measures to ensure that their clients’ money is safe. They also have a reputation to safeguard which means that they would not want to be held liable for any unauthorized or fraudulent payments linked to their visa cards.

More so, online bookies ensure that the security of their clients’ funds is upheld. Thus, the most reliable betting sites are those that are protected by at least 128 Bit SSL digital encryption. With this, you are assured that the information you use is scrambled after you make your deposit. Hence, you are guaranteed that there will be no unauthorized party that will pick your financial details.

eSports Visa Alternatives

If you are still inconvenienced that your visa card financial information is safe, then you still have other options of depositing or withdrawing funds.

The payments alternatives vary between various eSports betting sites but the most common include; direct bank transfer, online payment systems such as PoLi, cryptocurrency methods like Bitcoin and through web wallets such as Skrill, Paypal, and Neteller.

There are various payment methods supported by your different eSport bookie and it is your choice to decide which among them is convenient for you. However, you should not compromise convenience for safety and security. In which case MasterCard are most reliable when it comes to security and safety.