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CS:GO Gambling Sites 2020 in USA

With the help of our site you can already register your account and earn money. You can control the transactions of your mobile application. This article gives a complete description about best csgo betting sites and how to bet csgo skins.

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CS GO Skins Exchange

If you want to play gambling without leaving your home, then it will suit you skin gambling. In addition, you can earn money on eSports. It is enough to sign up on the csgo skin betting site. Also if you like to play eSports games and want to earn real money by using your csgo bet skins, then you were in the right place.

Skins are things of characters from video games that affect their image, such as Dota 2 and csgo. You can earn them in the game, and you can sell or use them as betting in gambling. You can use your csgo bet skins on our website as payment.

Our site is the best for you because you trade your skins for real money and we have a large selection of eSports rates. Plus our site is legal and completely safe.

Our site is cool:

  • convenient design of the site allows you to work with it conveniently, everything is easy and clear;
  • you can easily and quickly create your account;
  • get a guaranteed bonus;
  • there are variants with full and partial payment by skins and bitcoins;
  • means can be removed quickly, the entire procedure of withdrawal lasts about 1-4 hours;
  • many broadcast matches online;
  • 24-hour customer support in chat, by phone and mail.

The Arcanebet betting site has proven itself in eSports bets and has great coverage of eSports matches.

How it works?

You can do it by using SkinPay. How it works?

Consider some of the most common csgo skin betting games. Bets with skins are taken from games such as csgo, DotA 2, PUBG, that can be used to deposit and bet with. All of these games are available on the Steam platform.

With the help of skins, you can replenish the balance on the csgo skin betting sites to open cases and rates for eSports. To do this, you need to go to one of these sites, choose as a way to replenish skinpay.com and accept a request for exchange on the Steam from the bot. After confirming the exchange, the user’s account on the third-party site will be added.

Your csgo bet skins from games as csgo, Dota 2, PUBG you can use like payment method to play on different betting sites


SkinPay – a payment system that uses steam as a currency. With the help of SkinPay, you turn your skins into a payment to play on different csgo skin betting sites.

Supports such games as:

  • Counter Strike;
  • DotA2;

Using SkinPay, skin can be turned into real money, which can be used for betting. This is a proposal made after making a deposit, after which the skins are sold for a certain amount of money, which will be sent to the site for rates eSports. The money can be used like any other money to make bets. You can do the best betting skins on your favorite csgo skin betting sites.

When you exit the eSports website, the real money goes to your bank account.

Welcome bonus up to 100 €. Do you wanna get? So welcome to the best skin gambling site!

Open an account and get a deposite bonus!

  • Security;
  • Support 24/7;
  • 100 % bonus;
  • Great range of eSports betting.

Before you exchange your csgo bet skins for real money, make sure that you get the best bonuses. In addition to our site, we recommend sites with the best bonuses offered. We will consider what bonuses are available, how they can be obtained and what are the conditions and restrictions for their receipt.

We recommend:

  • Archanebet;
  • Betway;

These csgo skin betting sites are guaranteed to give the best bonuses to your deposit. In addition, thanks to 24/7 support, you can contact the administrator who will help you figure it out.

Skin Gambling Methods

You can use your csgo bet skins from games as csgo, Dota 2, PUBG  like payment method to play on different betting sites. The most popular methods among gambling, where you can bet csgo skins are:


csgo Jackpots – this is real luck or a randomly chosen victory. Nobody knows what the result will be. The random number generator works.

How it works? You put your skins in a virtual box and for each skin get a ticket to the lottery. After the timer stops, the animation will be produced, and the winner will be selected, to whom the offer is sent in 95% for the skins, the remaining 5% is the site commission.


This is one of the most effective gambling strategies when you are playing for a short time.

The main part of the money that you’re betting with belonged to the House. So, in this case, if you lose, you waste only the part of your original bankroll.

We highly recommend this method because when you play odds (csgo match betting), your skills and knowledge will come into play and affect your results.


This is a very popular method of how to bet csgo skins that looks like a regular roulette. You just bet on red or black.

It is important to remember that roulette is not offered on sites that work with the payment system SkinPay.


The method which consists in turning coins. It is heavily influenced by csgo graphics and design. As well as the previous methods, it is not offered on sites that work with SkinPay.


This is not a very popular csgo skin betting method, because it has a low probability of winning. It is impossible to win big money. Crash is not recommended on sites that work with SkinPay.


  • Account limit

Remember! You can have only one active account benefiting from the bonus. Сreating more than one account is prohibited; otherwise, they can be deleted, and funds are confiscated.

If you want to get many bonuses, then register on different sites, this is allowed. But remember that you can only spend bonuses on bets!

  • Age limit

The main limit is age. This is the main condition for registering and using skins for bets. We have a legal csgo skin betting site, so registering and making bets is possible only after reaching the age of 18. This is connected with the law because in the United States it is legal to gamble if you are over 18. Many cyber-sportsmen are under the age of 18, but unfortunately, they will not be able to use their csgo bet skins. Thus, guided by our recommendations, you can play your favorite games and earn money.