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What You Need To Know About Ecopayz Esport Betting Sites

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ecoPayz is arguably one of the oldest and most trusted digital wallet service that a lot of sports lovers have been using for a while now. If you have been searching for a perfect alternative to digital wallets like Skrill, Neteller, and Paypal, you should consider going for ecoPayz.

One of the strongest points of this method is that you can trust the service to handle all your online payments correctly. With support for more than 40 popular currencies, the ecoPayz service has been under the supervision of the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) since 2008 which makes it a name to trust when it comes to online payment services. One of the most popular sites that accepts ecoPayz – pinnacle esports.

ecoPayz is popularly regarded as the e-wallet service to fund betting accounts in over 100 countries; this is as a result of the trust that bookmakers have in putting their money on the service. With their headquarters in Britain, the company has the authorization to issue and receive money electronically.

In 2013, the company decided to increase their services to be more acceptable and convenient for their customers by introducing a number of features which include the eWallet, ecoVirtualCard, business and merchant accounts.

Betting Using Ecopayz

I’m sure that there are sports bookmakers that are not familiar with ecoPayz as a payment method. This is because the method is more of a full digital eWallet that offers more services unlike other popular payment methods like Skrill that are more specific with their operations. Because of this reason, it has taken more time for ecoPayz to be known and accepted globally as a safe payment method to fund your online accounts.

If you are in search of a legal and trusted digital wallet to fund your online bookmarker account, then you should consider checking out ecoPayz. The versatility of the service makes it be a perfect one for every punter. It has a similar process to other payment methods like PayPal and Skrill. All you have to do is load your eco account, and you will be able to use your card to deposit and withdraw from your digital wallet.

Advantages Of Using A EcoPayz Digital Wallet

One of the major benefits of a digital wallet is that it makes it possible and easy for you to monitor and keep track of your winnings and loses unlike using a bank account that makes it difficult to know the actual profit that you are making on each bet.

Also, Digital wallets make it possible for you to be able to have various funding sources while still making sure that you are only using an account. This ensures that you do not need to provide your banking details more than once. Another reason why this method of payment is a great option is that you can use to place a bet even if you are using a banking account that does not allow such, as long as you are in a country that allows it. All you need to do is fund your account, and then you can use the card to fund your bookie account.

What Makes Eco The Best

bonuses that eco provides. The main reason for this is because most payment methods like Skrill, paySafeCard, and others have been used several times for fraudulent purposes. For example, there was a time that it was possible to use an unverified account on Skrill or Neteller to set up and fund accounts without the customer making a deposit into the account. To stop this fraudulent behavior, Skrill and Neteller had to cancel sign up bonuses using their payment service to open accounts online.

This fraudulent act is no possible with our method. All the sites that we are working with have introductory deals and also bonuses for existing customers. For you to enjoy these bonuses, you just need to use an ecoVirtual card that has been connected to open an account with any ecoPayz accepting site.

If you have running accounts with more than one online betting site and you will like to browse around to spot the one with the best odds and bonuses, making use of a digital wallet like ecoPayz is your best bet. One of the advantages of this is that anytime your bank card expires, you can efficiently use the eco card to deposit.

Creating An Account

It is very easy to create an account using ecoPayz, and it’s definitely easier and faster than opening a bank account. There is a section where you can sign up for an account by simply clicking on the link that has been provided on this page, and the registration page will come up. Then, you will have to go through a verification process to confirm your identity and location. You will need to provide your details which include your real name, address and a method of payment that is connected with a standard bank account, a credit or debit card.

There is also another section that you will need to provide your bank statement and photo ID to prove that you are actually the owner of the account. These requirements are vital to ensure that your account is safe and secure. As soon as your account has been created and the verification process has been completed, you will be provided with an account ID. For you to be able to deposit funds to a betting site, you will need the new ID and your email address.

However, if the site does not support ecoPayz digital account, an alternative process that you can use is to fund the site with your ecoVirtualCard (powered by MasterCard) as long as the site accepts MasterCard, you will be fine.

Also, if you are not a fan of seeing multiple betting transactions littering your bank account details, the best way to avoid it is by using a digital wallet. Several methods have been explained on the website that you can use to deposit and also withdraw from your account.

You have the options of selecting either classic or VIP and its free to sign up for any tier of your choice.

An Alternative Option to Skrill, Neteller, and PayPal

We are all familiar with payment methods like Skrill, Neteller, and Paypal as the popular services that you can use to deposit and withdraw funds online. However, if you are not a fan of these services and you are looking for a perfect alternative that can handle your online transactions, then ecoPayz is the right one for you.

It is absolutely free to sign up for an account, and you can be sure that your transactions are safe and secure. Also, there is a 24/7 support system that is always ready to assist you peradventure you encounter any issue while using the service. You can definitely trust them with your money

How Secure Is Ecopayz?

The company is one of the most secure payment methods that are available right now. Eco has been a member of the EMA (Electronic Money Association) for some years now. You do not need to worry about your transactions because the company is in strict compliance with the data protection act. This ensures total privacy of your transactions.

It is generally accepted that digital wallets are no more secure than using bank cards because you do not need to type in your bank details with several services. In a situation whereby you can’t find your eWallet ID, you can be assured that your deposits are safe, only the funds in your account would be vulnerable.

To make it more secure, ecoPayz uses world-class sophisticated fraud detection software that is developed by PSI-Play to ensure that your eWallet highly secured from fraudulent activities. Also, there is a team of experts that their job is to make sure that your money is safe. Apart from the sign-up bonuses and deals, the level of security that Eco offers makes a lot of bookers to prefer the payment method to other methods.


Just like every other digital wallet, there are fees that you will need to pay before you can make some transactions using the ecoPayz. These fees are reasonably cheap when you compare it to what other payment methods are requesting for similar transactions.

When you consider the security and the ease of transacting using the eWallet as compared to using regular bank cards, I’m sure you will agree with me that these fees are actually value for money. If you are searching for a perfect alternative to using bank cards to make transactions online, then you should consider going for the ecoPayz. You can click on the link above to check out the fees for each transaction and other important details.