Best Blogs and YouTube Channels about League of Legends Game

In four years, League of Legends (LoL) has grown by leaps and bounds. Today, it is undoubtedly the world’s most popular eSports game raking in millions of dollars annually. This year, players and watchers of the eSports game have surpassed 100-million mark, and we can expect these numbers to keep soaring in 2019. Moreover, with proposals to make it an Olympic gaming activity, getting to know about LoL is something every enthusiast should take seriously.

The question is where a beginner who wishes to bet League of Legends should be looking for information? What about experienced players who want to keep abreast with the latest developments such as the new skins, players and so forth? The truth is that there is so much information in the blogosphere that picking out the best sites can become rather tricky.

This post samples the top LoL blogs and YouTube Channels you should follow, so, keep reading to find out.

Best YouTube Channels

League of Legends is a phenomenal video game, and with millions of views every year, there is no doubt most of these stats come from YouTube trailers and live streams. The following channels are worth following for the love of the most popular eSports game:

·       Official LoL YouTube Channel

Operated by Riot Game, you find everything about LoL here such as music videos, champion teasers and updates about new releases.

·       SIV HD

Head over to SIV HD’s channel to catch up with highlights from his Twitch Stream, latest commentary and video uploads. He enjoys a large following of subscribers on YouTube, and you will love watching some of his funny clips.

·       Unrankedsmurfs

On this channel, find skin speed light videos. It is basically about LoL and skins.

Other video channels on YouTube worth your time are Video Game Dunkey, GrassHyren, SP4ZIE, INSTALOK, SKY WILLIAMS and NIGHTBLUE3.

Top League of Legends Blogs

Apart from YouTube LoL channels, the following blogs have proven worth reading over the years. It is because they are not only run by gaming enthusiasts, bettors, players and watchers, but also because they provide treasured pieces of information you may not find anywhere else. Whether it is newly introduced event/championship, new gaming strategies, items worth buying to win a tournament or tips on how to win bet league of legends, the following websites should always be in your radar:


If you want to learn more about strategy building, head over to Mobafire because they are specialist at it. Learn about Counter Picking Stats and start winning LoL tournaments.

·       League of Legends

Another blog worth checking out is League of Legends. Stats indicated that about 11 posts get published on this website every week, which is good enough to furnish players, bettors and watchers with all the information they need. It has been live since February 2014; the blog has been furiously streaming LoL latest news. Over 15 million Facebook followers and more than 2 million followers are a testament to its popularity.

  • Reddit League of Legends Blog

More than 1 million followers with over 560k from Twitter make LoL Reddit platform a top blog to which you should subscribe. Every week, about 84 posts go live there.

·       The Rift

Another top LOL blog worth visiting is the Rift Herald. Popular for game news, information on eSports betting and patch updates, this website will move you from a League of Legends novice to an expert player. Every week, about 19 posts go live on this blog,

·       LoL

LoL News has a Facebook following of more than 54k. It publishes news about the game, eSports, patch notes, PBE news, Memes, tournament guides and more.  Since 2015, the website features an average of 5 posts per week.

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