Bets On Esports: Main Payment Methods

As is the case with most gamblers, they like the adrenaline rush, when they take a calculated, or perhaps an impulsive, leap of faith and get to rely solely on luck. However, this should not be the case when entrusting and choosing the payment method for your online account on the eSports betting site of choice. Safety comes first, as no one would like to see their money gone from their bank accounts in some shady, unauthorized transaction.

Every serious, correct and reliable site is concerned about offering the necessary security for the online transactions under its tutelage, and they accept only those payment methods they deem safe enough. Although, depending on their software, licenses, agreements, not all of them offer all the existing, safe ways: there are Paypal betting sites that do not accept e-wallets, or others that only feel comfortable with banking cards, while others don’t agree with prepaid cards. Check out the approved methods of pay on every site before registering.

Banking Cards Are Internet’s Favorites

The type of payment that 99% of sites use, mainly because of the widespread cards have, but also on account of every client being previously checked by the bank issuing the card, thus reducing the risk of fraud. Furthermore, credit cards present an extra warranty for the website: the possessor is a reliable customer. Not to speak of the fact that the main brands of Visa, Mastercard, or American Express, inspire confidence throughout the world.

From the client’s point of view, however, enlisting your cards on an online betting site means giving them access to your card number, full name, and safety code. Perhaps, not the most convenient way, safety-wise.

Paypal Betting Sites Put Safety First

A far better job at protecting your personal data are those sites that offer the Paypal option. Paypal is a trusty organization that comes as a buffer between the sites you operate on and your own bank account. Therefore, by using this extra layer of security, no website is going to have direct access to your personal data, but to scrambled, encrypted information, making it impossible to use in any other purposes than those intended by you.

E-Wallets Welcome Us To A New Era Of Digitization

A large number of such paying instruments have occurred in late years. All of them operate under the same pretext of being an intermediary between the eSports betting site and yourself, the same way Paypal does. However, there are not many that can produce the same level of confidence, mainly because they are new to the market and need to stand the tests of time. Also, not all sites accept this form, but their number is increasing. Check out Netteler and Skrill for most USA sites.

Another interesting fact is that these e-wallets can contain Bitcoin as well, so perhaps an opportunity for those betting rooms that allow cryptocurrencies.

Prepaid Cards: Stealth Mode

If you want to be completely anonymous and protected against any type of malevolent intentions, there are a couple of websites accepting prepaid cards. You just enter on it the amount you want to spend and afterward you register it just like any other card. The protection comes through the possibility of using it just one time and also by giving access only to a preset sum of money, instead of all your account.

However, although websites accept this as a payment method, they don’t see it as a safe way of withdrawing the earned money, given the same anonymity it provides. It might be, that another way of withdrawing the money might still be needed.