Brief Overview: How the DOTA Pro Circuit Works

The DOTA Circuit, the brainchild of Valve has seen series of changes recently. Valve has taken it upon themselves to make sure they stabilize the competitive scene and provide transparency. In this post, we shall briefly discuss how DOTA 2 works. Read on for more.

How Does The DOTA Pro Circuit Work?

DOTA 2 Pro Circuit system comprises Majors and Minors. For DOTA historical background, information and details of the schedules for 2018 – 2019 season do not hesitate to check them on dota 2 betting sites in USA.


The DPC happens to be a direct driveway to the International 9. Teams compete in tournaments are directly monitored by Valve. They compete to earn points to qualify, and the ones with the highest points earn a direct invitation to the International 9. Regional qualifiers determine the remaining spots at TI.

Unlike last year, in 2018 twelve teams will earn TI invites and only six of them will join from regional qualifiers (one per region). In the past seasons, eight teams qualified. Valve announced late in the season the qualifier spots under strong criticism on the uneven NA favored distribution. The new system ensures that they don’t get to switch from region to region for qualification because it relies so much on DPC tournaments to determine which region deserve more slots.

Minors And Majors At The DOTA Pro Circuit

The 2018-2019 DOTA Majors and Minors have been improved for the season. The system is more organized now if you compare it to past seasons. There is now pre-defined qualifier times, and there are fewer events this year. Last season a total of thirteen minors and nine majors were seen while this year the number has been reduced to five minors and five majors.

Furthermore, this year there will be no direct invites to any DPC events, it has to be by qualification. Each team has to fight for a place at the event online. Sixteen teams are expected to qualify for each Major event, and Valve will determine the qualifier slot distribution – 2 slots will be given to each region.

Also, once a team qualifies to a Major, the team is automatically disqualified from competing in the corresponding Minor. The team that wins the Minor will automatically earn a place at the forthcoming Major.

On points, Major now have 15,000 points and Minor 500 points. The money at stake for DPC has increased with the points. The team that becomes victorious in the Minor and played at the Major can earn points only from one of the two tournaments – whichever of the point is higher.

The Case Of The Rich Getting Richer

This season, the players were stripped of their powers! Unlike in the past, now any DPC points earned by a team stay within it. This is bad news to players who move with points from one team to another. Once such players move, their points remain with the old team. Well, further clarification as to the modalities is still be observed.

Teams need to qualify with a substitute with no penalties, however, using a sub in competing in a LAN will cost the team a 40%-point loss. Teams must be locked in by the set roster deadline and once the lock is broken in the season, will cost the team a TI9 invite.

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