Country Leaders In Esports

eSports has had remarkable growth, along with every other related field, but this wasn’t equally developed around the world. That is why, esports betting the USA, for example, had a greater evolution than in, let’s say, the African countries.

As is the case of many other subjects, there is, undoubtedly, disproportionality regarding the way people around the world received this idea, depending on various geopolitical factors, or based on different economic factors, or lack of plain access to Internet and information. Also, while some countries have kept an open mind and embraced the concept, others had a more reluctant approach. Therefore, some countries, as seen below, thrived and went along with the trend, reaping all the benefits which came along with a market in full development. Others have been reactive and now try getting involved in a field where competition is already at a high level. The advance the early-birds already have could prove crucial.

Korean Frenzy

Every new trend based on the pleasure of living life to its fullest is embraced by South Koreans with a passion that sometimes borderlines obsession. That is true for K-pop, eSports, Pokemons, cryptocurrency or cosplay.

The extent to which eSports has immersed in the south-korean culture is astounding. They have developed universities to teach and train eSports pro-players. These players have become national icons, renowned and treated as true showbiz stars. The social media coverage is intense, while the number of followers on Twitch, or Youtube reached the level of millions.

Those who are not famous players are surely crazed members of one of their fan clubs. Talk to any teen about Faker or Bengi, and you’ll be swarmed with League of Legends trivia. Make a comment about Starcraft, and sooner or later, the names of Flash or Lee Jae-dong are bound to come up. And tread very carefully around the Geguri subject as things tend to get vocal on the matter. These players have taken the video games they excel into, to such heights, that eSports is considered an Olympic discipline.

Esports Betting The USA Taken To Another Level

eSports has seen the light of day in the USA, although they have escalated to the level they have, thanks to South Korea. But, it was only natural that the United States to put heart and effort into the development of this particular domain. One, due to the technological advancement unparalleled in the world. Two, on account of a history rich in always sniffing out the potential in any great business. And last, because of their relationship with sports in general and due to their genetic predisposition towards competition.

For that matter, all other disciplines strongly related to cybersports have rocketed sky-high. Just see the way betting on tournaments has evolved into a million-dollar industry. Also, just looking at some stats, USA is the place where most money in eSports can be found. There are over 12.000 players in the country that have won a total of around 95 million USD, in multiple tournaments.

China Takes Over The World Of Esports

In a country with over 60 million people having access and using the Internet, there was little doubt that such an attractive domain as eSports, is going to go by, unnoticed. But, nevertheless, it’s a country where everything is dictated by the party’s policy. A huge help for the evolution of eSports was the fact that the party full-heartedly agreed to sustain this new trend. Even to the point of recognizing it as an Olympic discipline and also agreeing to promote and endorse some of the most important events in every season.

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