CS:GO Betting Sites in USA 2018

CSGO, also known as Counter-Strike Global Offensive is an evolving esport game. The game always gets exciting due to the new ever emerging maps, characters, and weapons which creates an exciting gaming experience to CSGO players. Some of the CSGO betting websites that give remarkable odds includes Sports Betting, Bet Online, and Nitrogen Sports.

Roles CSGO Play in eSport CSGO Betting Sites

As a beginner, it is wise to first place bets on best CSGO websites that give welcome bonuses like no deposit offer or free-bets, which help you to bet without risking your money.  The counter strike global offensive is a well-known game that is usually a battle between two teams and involves a multiplayer first-person shooter also known as FPS. With each side divided into a group of five, the unit which takes 16 rounds out of the 30 receives between 102 and 105 seconds per round earns more time to counter their rivals.

The rule of the game is either you kill your opponent or your rival, plant a bomb or try to defend it within 35 to 45 seconds depending on the game rules until the bomb explodes or the counter-enemy diffuses it.

As a player, you will get time to buy the weapons that you prefer using the earned money throughout the game. The more assists or kills you make; the great the reward you will get. The game is relevant in esport CSGO betting match websites since apart from betting with money, you can also use in-game items like Esport matches, coin flip games, and Lotteries.

How to Bet on CS: GO

CSGO wagering is similar with placing a bet on available games where the team that you choose can either lose, win or draw with its opponent after placing your wager according to the game’s final results.

The odds that you place reflects the chances of either team winning or losing where your bet winning calculations are a result of the odds multiplication by the money you have placed on the lottery.

When placing a wager on CSGO matches, you can also bet on the player who will win the map with options of putting your bet on the winner of each map or the overall winner. You can also choose to predict the winner of a match-up which applies if your esports CSGO betting website gives handicap gaming.

In the game, the odds of the perceived imbalances in abilities are adjusted. The weaker team gets a certain number of rounds and maps, while the favorite team gets “handicapped” by a similar number of shots and maps.

Matches That Are Given by CSGO Gambling Website

Some of the standard games found on CSGO betting site include PGL Major, ESL One, FACEIT, ECS, SLTV Star Series, ESEA seasons, and ELEAGUE.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best CSGO Betting Website

Other factors to consider include:

A massive selection of Esports that allow you to set prediction on CS: GO, DOTA 2 amongst others.

  • A site that has a wide range of CSGO matches to predict.
  • A platform with free offers.
  • An active group where you can discuss upcoming games.
  • Safe and secure deposit and withdrawal options.
  • Quick to respond to customer care supporting system.
  • Options of placing your bet with either real money, play money or in-game cosmetic items.

One thing you should remember when placing bet is that CSGO betting offers you a chance to earn money by exploiting your knowledge about the game.

Most Recommended CSGO Match Betting Site

  • A recommendable site is one that
  • Offers best odds, free bets and promotional bonuses.
  • That has a wide variety of csgo matches.
  • Massive payment options.
  • A site with reliable customer care that is supportive.
  • A Platforms that allow players from your nation.
  • Fully licensed and regulated bookie site.

As a player, you should understand that successful predictions on CS: GO relies on your skills as a person as well as the team. Always bet responsibly.

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