Cyberpunk 2077: How Beautiful Rpgs Has Become

Cyberpunk 2077 Keanu reeves

RPGs keep becoming more and more beautiful because of the tech abilities available today. The majority of the improvements are in the colors of the games. For example, Cyberpunk 2077, which is yet to be released, is just the next level of the visuals among RPGs out there. However, there is a price that the players used to have to pay for aesthetic satisfaction: reactivity and scale were the priorities in any game in the past.

Starting with the game called Doom, which was released in 1993, and ending with Crysis, which was released in 2007, first-person shooters were the only available types out there. Today, by contrast, developers can unite all the aspects and make them fascinating. And Cyberpunk 2077 is a wonderful example of such an RPG.

In the past, the most interesting thing that RPGs could offer were the maps they provided, which were pretty vast and therefore could keep the players engaged. However, it was enough for some time only, and players started to desire more when they began to play and enter the industry of esport in general. And besides a wider variety of the technical abilities and characters, the graphics were required to improve as well.

It was particularly important when the 3D graphics started to develop and become suitable for adjustment in RPGs. With the enhancing graphics, other elements of the visual side had to change according to the times to satisfy the players. Eventually, the colors became one of the prioritized elements of communicating the atmosphere in an RPG and making a more powerful impression on the player.

Visual Aspect of Cyberpunk 2077

One of the brightest representatives of how RPGs have become improved in terms of their visual aspect is Cyberpunk 2077. It has been anticipated to be released by thousands of players, and the color scheme in which it is drawn is what played the most important role in this. In particular, the developers have filled the streets in the game with NPC bustle to make a reference to Toyko’s Shibuya Crossing.

The way to achieving this has been long and full of challenges, yet the goal has been reached. In fact, the old Xbox was the inspiration for how the developers made it possible to create. Since the PC market had serious restrictions on western RPGs to be installed, Xbox helped to introduce the games to the market. Moreover, it contributed to the massive enhancement of the graphics due to allowing RPGs to appear in 3D and hence, better quality.

Eventually, consoles were what helped RPGs become a part of the mainstream and actually contribute to the esport industry by beginning and growing it. The first massive representatives of such were Obvilion and Mass Effect. There were still some issues with the controllers in early released games, such as the arrows acted in an unbalanced way, which motivated developers to keep upgrading them at the same time. As it’s evident today, the games now amuse both the fans and the press with what they introduce and what abilities feature. RPGs have even grown to the extent of event shows, such as E3, and massive live streams.

Then, the industry has progressed to something like fixing issues similar to what Fallout 3 faced. Over the course of the development and enhancement, the world design was recognized as a weak spot across them, and the mentioned RPG was an illustrative example of such. The repetitions of the game world designs, such as Oblivion’s containing the copies of Ayleid ruins, were no longer tolerated and screamed for an update.

The problem was soon named “art fatigue,” which implied that the visual aspect of the landscapes was poor and lacked interesting, captivating details. In Fallout 3, in turn, the design was somewhat similar to those of other releases, but it was composed in a granular fashion in order to create a novel, fresher look. And it was what the designers managed to achieve. Besides, the improvement was the beginning of a new approach to the RPG world design, with designers starting to realize the worth of unique images and adding them to the games.

The fact that such games as Boiling Point and S.T.A.L.K.E.R. became the open worlds similar to RPGs also made a contribution to the development of the industry, partly due to the fascinating art design improvements. The landscapes created in the style of RPGs inspired other game production companies to hunt for designers, who left their workplaces to get a job elsewhere and therefore using their skills to improve more versions.

As a result, such games as Cyberpunk 2077, with its neon colors, amuses players today in addition to the other features that the game contains. While the good looking landscapes and fascinating graphics have become a usual thing, it’s nice to go back to where everything started and recall the basics that players used to enjoy at the beginning of the gaming and esports industry. Today, looking at the old games helps to appreciate the progress and beauty today.


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