Cybersport Brings A Lot Of Money To Sportsmen And Bettors

Success of Pro-gamers

Cybersport, just like any sporting event has professional players who make a living out of the game. Earning money from playing a game seems like a pipedream for many people. Professional gamers compete against each other in large arenas. Esports teams have the same setup as that of traditional sports with a management team and practice sessions.

The growth of Esports has made it possible for gamers to earn salaries and get sponsorship deals. The skill of an individual player or a team helps them command huge bonuses from their sponsors.  Professional gamers have different salaries depending on their team and how much they command the International gaming charts. Apart from sponsorship and bonuses, pro gamers also earn from advertisements, streaming and crowd funding.

Dota2 world international championship in 2017, had the highest prize pool at a whopping $24,787,916. It is the highest in the history of Esports betting USA. We have big companies like Red Bull, Intel, Coca-Cola, T-Mobile and Airbus offering team sponsorship. The revenue of the sponsoring company is a determining factor of how much a team can earn. It is now easier for mid-tier players to get sponsorship. Independent investors passionate about the game are spending Millions of Dollars in team contracts.

In cybersport you can earn as an individual or a team. Virtus pro is a renowned Esports polish team. In 2017, each member of the teamwas earning a salary of $25000 per month. KuroKy, a German pro-gamer earned $3,355,911.95 playing Dota2 during the International championship in 2017. The top ten winners during that tournament made more that $1 Million each.

The growth of the gaming industry has increased the revenues of video game franchises. Over the past 7 years, Dota 2 has accrued $1.25 billion, making it the lead in the industry. There are numerous tournaments that allow pro gamers to earn thousands of dollars.  The international championship is what most gamers look forward to as it has a massive prize pool.

Cybersport Earning for Sportsmen and Bettors

The current value of the Esport industry is above $900 Million. It’s not only players who earn, bettors also get huge winnings. The betting culture around Esport tournaments has grown from the early days of CS-GO. Immense gambling has infiltrated the gaming industry over the years. Gamblers can use betting sites or bookies to place their bet.

Team organizers, managers and coaches earn money depending on the performance of their teams. If a team wins an International Championship, every single person from the gamers to the management receives a hefty sum of money. This is one of the reasons esport keeps getting more competitive each year. It’s an inclusive sport where everyone as the chance to win.  When it comes to any sport, money is a great motivator.

Pro-gamer Training Strategy

Playing a video game for the entire day does not make someone a professional gamer. We have many gamers who spend hours playing, but they never make it even close to the level of a pro. A professional gamer practices for an average of 10 hours each day. It all boils down to mastering the skills required to win until it becomes second nature.

Just like any other sport, practice sessions can be with a team or individually. For a team setting, individual brilliance is as important as the synchronization of the team. Any amateur player who wants to become a professional gamer needs to have the right skill. This goes beyond playing a game the entire day. It involves dedication and great time management skills. A player needs to set time to work on improving his/her playing technique and learn from the proficiency of other players.

The mistake most amateur players make is try perfect their skills at each game. Pro gamers are experts at one game. That’s what makes their talent stand out.  The first step is choosing a game you love and learning everything you need to know about it. Grasp the ins and outs of the game and perfect your skills. Out of the selection of games, find the one you enjoy playing. Practicing for hours is only enjoyable if it’s a game you are passionate about.

Each esport game has a different language. Every amateur needs to learn the jargon and abbreviations of a game. Transition from solo to a multiplayer environment. This will help you learn how to play with and against pro gamers. At this point, the emphasis is on learning how they play and not on winning the game. Networking with active players is important to any amateur player.

Take time to watch tournaments and study the way pro-players dominate the game. Learn from their tips and tricks. Understandingyour opponent’s strategy is key in exports. At the end, your skill mastery and dedication will transition you from an amateur to a seasoned player.

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