Discoveries Of The Year In Dota 2

There is undeniable beauty to be found in certainty, knowing exactly on who you can depend on to play his usual game, knowing which team can provide the spectacle everyone loves at dota 2. But no one can deny the thrill, the excitement, the adrenaline rush when something new gets you out of your routine. The surprise is a natural phenomenon that occurs all the time, adding the salt and pepper of our lives. Dota 2 makes no exception to this rule, as well as the year 2018 having its fair share of unexpected stories.

Perhaps, everyone can remember what some have said has been the greatest underdog tale of the game’s history, happening at TI 2018. All Dota2 betting sites still have it fresh in mind, because it has surely made their day. OG’s roller-coaster ups and downs during the year have left a strong impression in everyone’s memory, fan of Dota2 or no fan. Because, in the end, everyone loves a happy ending. But, although this has been the spotlight event of the year, other players have impressed as well, listing themselves as 2018’s Dota2 discoveries.

Young Blood Rises To Power

Let’s just agree that if the story of OG from last year hadn’t been what it was, probably the PSG.LGD would have topped the line as 2018’s tale of success. But luck has it that the spectacular win of OG over PSG.LGD at TI left them somewhat in the shadows. But make no mistake as PSG.LGD along with team captain Xu “fy” Linsen are stars in an awesome journey to fame.

Young fy came to LGD team in late 2017. He was a relatively new entry in the Dota 2 world, as despite being a Vici Gaming player for six years, heavy results hadn’t really shown up. LGD was an above average team, but fighting with the same lack of notable results. Just another Chinese team, one from many potential-filled others. Perhaps, with an increase of popularity after signing the partnership with famous soccer club Paris Saint Germain, thus becoming PSG.LGD, in April 2018.

And that was the moment of change, when superstar-to-be fy, although younger than his teammates got hold of the captaincy reigns and pushed the team in a swift march to winning two consecutive Majors during the month of May. Surely, they made it to the Grand Finals at TI where they lost in a 3-2 clash, but not after defeating many more experienced teams and captains in the process. And even while not lifting the Aegis, fy managed to create a new elite Chinese squad.

The One Dota 2 Betting Sites Had No Odds For

OG’s story is a movie script material for sure, but even within this classical story of discarded friendship, rivalry, rising out of the punches, the tale of Topson surely stands out. A short review: after years-long friendship, Fly and s4 decided to break that friendship as well as the team and left, mere days before the TI qualification. That left captain NOtail in the awkward position of having to recruit valuable people in a short amount of time.

Entering Topias “Topson” Taavitsainen. A pro player not many people knew at the moment. He was at the time, dominating the European servers, but he knew to recognize a huge opportunity when it arrived. And so, he became a member of OG, two weeks before the qualifiers. While everybody was downgrading the OG, mentioning Topson as the weakest link, what they were not aware of, was that actually, a legend was born. He has proven to be a key element in the success his team registered during the latest epic TI.

Young Fire Can’t Settle Down

Some of the youngsters on some rosters really give the old pros a run for the money, making them feel that the winds of change are ready to be blowing them out the door. One of this year’s new sensations was Aibek “Naïve-” Tokayev.

This kid from Kazakhstan is a real dota 2 champion and restless as most kids his age. Currently a member of NoPangolier’s roster, he changed through no more than seven important teams last year, like Gambit, Team Empire, as well as the scandal-filled Odium. Good news is that he is an obvious talent and teams are lining up for the chance to sign him. We’re just hoping he finds a good roster that should also make him feel good and perform to his full potential.

One Team’s Loss Is Another One’s Gain

Michal “Nisha” Jankowski is the newest widely spread secret belonging to Team Secret, since September 2018. Although only 18 years old, he managed to create waves since starting to compete in 2015. He has found himself in quite a pickle at the middle of 2018 when Kinguin has decided to release their Dota2 roster.

But seeing how all bad things are only paving the road for good things to come, Nisha’s talent couldn’t have been left for wasting and Team Secret snatched him up in a blink of an eye. Their latest results still show they have some accommodation going on, but surely Nisha has the potential for greatness.


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