Don’t Play Anthem Until It’s A Full Game

Anthem bugs

A game is entitled to be a good one when it has the capabilities to engage its audience for a longer time. Anthem was the one that was thought to be great. To start with if you remember the E3 Trailer that came two years ago? It was hard to find someone who had actually seen it or someone who was even partially interested in what BioWare was cooking up next. It was evident that the industry had found the next evolution in that sweet, addictive formula of gunplay, rare loot and yes, multiplayer.

The amusing part is that the greatness of this game could be visualized even while Anthem crashes on PS4; it was bogged down by dozens of bugs, poor graphics, and many missing features. There is some reason why people keep coming back in spite of all these factors. The world is gorgeous, the Javelins are a source of happiness to pilot, and there is enough that sways on a string, out of the reach of the player that keeps chasing it, long after they should have departed for a complete experience.

This article is just to summarize whether Anthem is worth all the trouble that it gives or not? Trust me. It is not. A piece of free advice from my side would be not to think of playing Anthem until it is a fully fleshed out, AAA-worthy game. The biggest drawback of the game was that when it released for its Origin subscribers, then it was in an Early Access mode that EA and BioWare were calling it a full launch.

BioWare’s entire team stood up for acceptance

Sadly, we were all on the QA testing mode until the game was on its launch period, but this time it was for real something that even the critics could talk about. Because then launched, in the real sense should mean launched and the issue of Anthem bugs still persisted.

BioWare gets the credit of doing the improvisation to stabilize the experience of Anthem. The developers have already worked on reducing the load lag and recently announced that the Anthem’s loot system had been fixed including the design that was adopted. Other problems were like the Fort Tarsis, which was so devoid of life that it almost felt like a museum being exhibited.

BioWare is a long-serving developer, making it easy for it to turn the things around. The reviews of Mass Effect: Andromeda, were not likely to match to how it really was but anyways that was general opinions even after Anthem crashes on PS4. These reviews lead to the fact that this studio is not working that well now.

Players forgot that the Mass Effect: Andromeda did fix a number of problems after it was launched. Not a many out the entire population paid heed to this change. BioWare still has extremely talented and intelligent developers even after many of its developers have left. Seeing the scenario, it is evident that Anthem too will shape up to be a game that will interest its audience.

Let ignore the launch factor, there were many other issues in the same. So, what was the point in playing? The reputation of BioWare is such that the players did know that the issues will soon be resolved and they will not face any problems playing the game. The issue of the loot was fixed, though it did affect the past like for example, if a bunch of commons was picked up or missed and the rate was decreased, they did not get their items back.

The questline of the Tombs of the Legionnaires was repaired but this could not fill up the time that the players had wasted waiting for the treasure chest where they could register themselves individually and proceed further with a squad. But everything comes with a cost, Anthem also is no escape. BioWare will definitely make changes in it and make it worth playing.

BioWare created a time frame within which the developers were expected to make the amendments and add new features to the game. Most people have experienced that Anthem is a great game knowing the crash fact still BioWare in a way achieved what they wanted through Anthem. These Anthem bugs did not let the game run smoothly but the company even paid incentives to its players to stick around with the game exclusive loots or one or two commemorative decal. These incentives were worth it. A little expensive though but in the long run until the game became widespread it was a good investment.

Anthem has still not come up with the expectations of its users. Nonetheless, there are some who enjoy the game irrespective of the flaws it possesses. But some of the players still feel the need and wait for BioWare to fix the issues and get the game back wherein they don’t face the launch time error again.


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