Esports Are The Real Stars Of The Day

It’s hard to ignore the new rising stars of social media and video streaming. It’s harder still to ignore their millions of subscribers or the insane numbers they pull out as income on a monthly basis. Surely, this is a domain that everyone would like to get involved in right now and get a piece of the pie.

There is more than one way to do that, you just need to be creative enough. Nitrogen esports has deemed OK to allow betting on tournaments using crypto-currencies. Some eSports have signed sponsorship partnerships with powerful brands. On the other side of the medal, some celebrities have found it OK to associate their image to some eSports in an image capital boost that benefits both sides.

Long-time fan suddenly revealed

It’s probably hard for known celebrities to stand aside and let some kids playing video games in front of their computers, to bask in the spotlight. Or perhaps, it’s nothing more than a publicity stunt to assign your name and image to an eSport that has millions of followers. But what’s certain is that more and more stars have a say in this area.

The last announcement that fits these criteria was that known rap artist Soulja Boy is set on putting the basis of an eSports organization sometime during 2019. He has publicly declared that he’s bound on finding talents for a Fortnite team, without forgetting about Call of Duty, Overwatch, CounterStrike and probably more to come.

He also said that he is a gamer ever since he can remember, so this move fits him like a glove. Although we would like it to be true, seeing how enthusiasts make the most loyal team sponsors, we can’t help it seeing how he has already associated his name with that of the first pro eSports player to feature on the cover of ESPN The Magazine. We’re talking about superstar Fortnite pro player, “Ninja” Blevins.

The rapper claims that “Ninja” Blevin has agreed to mentor him in his new task of laying grounds for this new team, in order to get it to a competitive level, but sceptics say that the artist is more preoccupied on the 500,000 USD per month that Ninja earns by streaming Fortnite. Or on how he came to have 17 million subscribers on Youtube. Especially after releasing last December, his own branded SouljaGame Console.

Be that as it may, we can’t see why the two versions of truth can’t co-exist, the important thing being that competitiveness grows, new talent occurs and gets chances, and so, improvement will closely follow. If there is money to be made through this, the better.

Keeping pace with the trends: Nitrogen esports and others

Staying in line with the newest demands on the market makes for a successful businessman. Nitrogen managed to mix together two of the notions most in vogue at the moment cryptocurrencies and eSports. So, they encourage betting on such pro tournaments while accepting crypto, much to the delight of the fans worldwide.

Keeping in sight the same fan’s delight, Drake became a sponsor, as well as co-founder, to 100 Thieves, an organization with teams that feature in League of Legends, Call of Duty and Fortnite Battle Royale events. Probably, becoming the source of inspiration for Soulja’s decision to create his own eSports company.

Some of the world’s biggest brands have also already joined the eSports stage through older or newer sponsorships. A decision that surely pays off, given the notoriety, for brands such as Red Bull, Coca-Cola, Intel, T-Mobile, Audi, Airbus and so on.

The main thing is that everybody is eyeing the eSports and its still unfulfilled potential of growth and, more important, of creating impressive revenues. This should be seen as good news, seeing how an increased interest means a leap towards the development and improvement of the general field of eSports.