Fanatic Signs Twitch Streaming Partnership

Twitch is the live video streaming platform that every eSports fan knows and loves to watch. Some of the most important players in different games, show off their skills for all to see, by streaming their gameplay. Some share tutorials for beginners giving them a chance at evolving. There are also some pro-players which made a habit out of revealing tips and tricks, all to their fans’ excitement.

All the same, the platform is a great way for Cs go, Pubg, Fortnite, LoL, or Dota2 betting sites, to follow the players’ growth or gaming style. Based on such first-hand information, they can make some precise predictions and thus, enhance the accuracy of the odds they present to their customers.

A Rrarely Seen Partnership with a Winning Angle for Each Participant

With these thoughts in mind, whenever a collaboration between a large eSports company and Twitch is presented, such as the latest partnership between the platform and Fnatic, it’s pretty much for everyone’s excitement and benefit.

For Fnatic, resuming the words of its CEO, this is a great opportunity to make fans feel like a bigger part of the team, enabling them to see more of what they have to offer. Also, they get to try new experiences, such as the latest Legends in Action Live in Berlin, which also featured a live presentation of their official sportswear and a much appreciated Q&A session, between fans and players. Another example was the JW&KRIMZ, from Fnatic’s CS:GO roster, duo stream, on the 1st of February.

Twitch gets a kick out of it as well, as they rely on Fnatic’s ever growing fan base to become regular users of the platform, making it a win-win situation on both sides of the deal.

Some More Details to Bring Light to What Twitch and Fnatic Represent in the World of eSports

It must be said that Twitch is, starting 2014, an Amazon subsidiary, focused on live streaming videos, with all that this status brings along. Meaning, an impressive user database with 2.2 million broadcasters every month and 15 million active users on a daily basis. If you add the average of almost one million concurrent users, one might get a sense of the proportions that this service has reached.

Talking about Fnatic, this is a British pro-organization focused on eSports, with rosters in many of the games that are trending right now. They were founded in 2004, with a steady growth along the years. In 2011, they found success, winning the first edition of the League of Legends World Championship. They are also known for the CS:GO roster, considered to be one of the best, winning several tournaments, including a couple of Majors.

Overwatch and Dota2 Betting World Tremors Because of Chinese Shutdown

In the year that ended, a shock wave crossed the world of eSports, when the platform of Twitch has been blocked by the Chinese government. This decision came after a record viewership during 2018 in China.

For example, Dota2’s most famous competition has been watched on Twitch by 41.7 million users, with most of them coming from China. Also, the platform has a two-year exclusivity contract for broadcasting the Overwatch World League, which has two Chinese franchise teams in its composition.

Although, it’s a hard fight to have with the government’s censorship laws, it’s interesting to see how the platform is going to deal with this setback. Perhaps with more collaboration contracts with other eSports teams.

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