Fortnite And Overwatch Most Searched Heroes On Pornhub

Overwatch already has a long relationship with the adult industry, mainly given to the explicit sexual nature of some heroes, but also to the connection that players tend to create towards the characters they play with.

Fortnite betting sites are starting to take a look at the behavior of the gamblers, with every detail counting. Being the new trending game, it has a different approach, having available a series of “skins”, which players can adapt to the character’s persona they want to imagine themselves as. But could those that relate most to a particular skin be biased when placing a bet during a game?

Number One: The Most Searched Of Them All

One of the most searched for Overwatch hero on Pornhub in 2018 was Brigitte. The Swedish origin character is listed as support, although its design is rather that of a hybrid between tank and support. Coincidentally, Brigitte has found herself in a lot of Google searches as well, seeing how many players have a grudge against the abilities this hero has, which make her too powerful to maintain the game’s equilibrium.

It would seem that while she is covered in hatred by some, she is actually loved by others, in another domain.

Cowgirl Look Gets You The Most Searches

Fortnite’s fans have looked up the Calamity skin, and this does not really come as a shocker to most. It presents itself in the form of a Western girl, wearing a V-necked, white top, daisy dukes and cowboy boots. Add the bandanna tied against her thigh, and you have the vivid image. Seeing how the upgrades only get her more and more dressed up, not sure they’re that popular among users.

A Cure For Any Old Wounds

The lady doctor fantasy is found in the Overwatch game in the form of Mercy, the angel-winged support. She can heal teammates, resurrect the fallen ones, or even fast travel around the field using the “Guardian Angel” ability. But what really startled fans’ imagination was the presumed relationship between her and cyborg-ninja Genji. What some found really inappropriate was the doctor-patient relationship, but let’s presume not everybody felt the same way in regard to this.

Fortnite Betting Enjoys The Odds

Talking about more than one of Fortnite fans’ oddities regarding the preferred game skins to search for on Pornhub, on top of this unconventional list is Bunny Brawler. Don’t imagine the Playboy bunny everybody knows, but a no nudity, fluffy bunny costume, with ears and all, and even with bunny slippers.

Also, the Zoey skin is another bizarre choice to search for on a porn site, seeing how the green pigtails, black and white striped leggings and a pink top that ends in a sort of tutu, might make you wonder the girl’s age.

Finally, not a first choice to pop in your mind would be the Brite Bomber skin. Fully dressed up, although in a tight blue skinsuit, with a unicorn drawn on her chest, she showed up in many players’ dreams.

Our Traditions Define Us

One of the first heroes released in Overwatch, Widowmaker is also the traditional sensual female character. Slim, tall, long-legged, wearing high heels, showing a lot of skin, this blue skin sniper has been active in many fantasies. Especially after a famous porn star played her character in a triple X movie, under Brazzers tutelage. She was also the first video game character portrayed in a movie as such.

A Small Glimpse Of The Diversity

While most characters are traditionally straight, regarding sexual preferences, Tracer was revealed to be a lesbian. This particular hero was a Pornhub search success, ever since the beginning, and also generating a lot of fan-made porn. The fact that Blizzard tried to have this removed, only increased the game’s popularity, as well as the abundance of fan-generated sexual content.

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