Fortnite Has No Way for Pros to Practice Properly, and It’s Wild

fortnite pro players

It’s true that in the esports betting arena, Fortnite is slowly gaining importance but the experts are of the opinion that with Apex Legends on the rise, and now giving a tough competition to this particular games, the developer Epic Games should bring in some changes in their format. If we go by the format of this particular game, we will see that the developer has never tried to get their revenue through a professional scene rather they were happy with their Ninja brand and till now they have also not taken any outside assistance as well.

Well, till now, this particular format has turned out fruitful for the Epic Games developer as it’s the only platform that boasts the ability to allow musical acts within its game. Since within the esports betting arena, such a model does not turn out to be a very effective one but with the unique concept Fortnite has really not faced any such big issues, and its popularity has remained as it is. Additionally, with the prize money that Epic Games has announced for the 2019 World Cup which is around $100 million, proves the current strength Fortnite is having in this particular field.

Fortnite ahead of a $30 million tournament in June, though, Epic Games has remarkably little to show for a company attempting to establish itself as a serious presence in esports – professional players can’t even practice for a life-changing tournament properly, and those familiar with the industry are beginning to notice.

Fortnite may lose its importance for not allowing professionals to practice

Everything is now going well and good with Epic Games, but they might soon face a downfall in their popularity according to many game experts like Breslau who had been the part of the esport since people were debating with its spelling. They are of the opinion that Fortnite does not allow the professional to practice much. The people who were allowed to practice for the tournament are the custom servers who had been the part of the Winter Royale Discord. Discord has been a part of Epic’s many numbers of games where 200 players can play, but then it has issues with lag.

Therefore, it can be said that it’s coming down to the professional hosting almost 200 custom servers, but they themselves are fighting and clashing with each other as a team so that they get an attempt to practice for the game. There now lays a problem as there’s a big difference between playing public matchmaking, where the game does not last long and the players to have a chance to drop quickly as compared to a professional game. Now this time the big prize money is also attached to the whole game which is creating even more problems for the pros or the professional players.

In case of the pros you are allowed to see a high-end-game, and at the same time, there’s a navigated stalemate which is why it is important to have a better and an improved custom practicing option.  Moreover, this won’t be something very new for Fortnite in this respect because they already had the custom matchmaking system earlier which is now been removed.

So, whatever the players are demanding, according to the experts is a justified demand and that too at a time when there’s so much money at stake. Sticking to an old and outdating system like the one they are having now does not make much sense. It is always better to have an easier as well as professional scene for this particular esport game. Although, even in all these the players and the professionals have full faith in the developers and they believe they will have the custom matchmaking before the world cup.

The faith that the players are showing is being reflected in their Twitter handle, and these responses have been efficiently handled by the developers who had said that they don’t find any reason of not bringing back the “pro scene” that had existed earlier even for the selected amount of people. Game experts believe that it’s not that impossible for Epic Games because they had easily riff of with the Apex Legends ping system and that too within seven days. So, now implementing an existing feature again before the world cup should not be a very big issue for them, after all, it’s not something that will be totally new for them.

Now, the question that the game lovers, as well as the experts along with the professionals, have in their mind is that when in a week Epic Games is going to run in $1 million at such a stage why they at all let it happen. It seems that the developers are trying to make a huge mark in the esport industry, but they are actually missing out many vital things and doing futile and baseless experiments like removing the custom matchmaking from the pro scene.

Developers as of now are avoiding those criticisms which were honestly made by many. Many of them are worried as the pros are losing the chance of practicing in a better way and even the teams are also losing this chance that too before such a big game where huge prize money is involved.


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