Fortnite Obstacle Courses Get Us In A Creative Mode

By the first feedbacks received from Fortnite Battle Royale fans, it would seem that Epic Games has come real close of discovering an unexploited gold mine. The newest release of the Creative Game Mode is already making waves as the interest has peaked. It’s a solid idea to give access to the over 200 million players, in order to develop their own version of their favorite game. Opportunities arise as this opens up the path to innovation, not only in regards to gameplay and maps but adjacent game-related aspects as well. For example, Creative Mode has opened up new ways on how betting for Fortnite might become even more fun and intense.

Imagine the Fantasy World of Your Choosing

The late fall launch of their update was a brilliant move on behalf of Epic Games. Give millions of players a blank canvas and chances are that at least one of them is going to create a masterpiece. Being a user-friendly interface, with intuitive menus, makes it easier to use your time by focusing on creating the novelty that will set you apart.

Admitted, ironically, this was not an original idea. They clearly had an inspiration in the Minecraft Creative mode. And it also comes with the applied educational derivatives, such as the need to consider technical constraints or even architectural point of view. But nonetheless, we’re talking about a game whose main goal is to let you run around a fantasy place, shooting other players and on that note, it has been really well accepted in the Fortnite community.

Betting for Fortnite: New Creative Ways

On the 7th of January 2019, professional Fortnite player Cnnr, representing team Parallel, has created an obstacle course in Battle Royale that he, himself, stated as being impossible to finish. Fans really appreciated this unheard-of-before challenge. Proof stand the 1.6 million views in a day of Cnnr’s personal video of all his unsuccessful attempts.

Passing this obstacle course requires mad skills both in aiming while shooting and quick editing of structures. Cnnr has named it the Impossible Aim/Edit Course. Think of all the betting opportunities a course like this holds, with a much greater variety than the classical 100 players on an island Fortnite game.

For Cnnr things are looking even better, while as a result of his out of the blue popularity, Epic Games awarded him with a Support-a-Creator code. At this moment, he is still trying to fix a bug that won’t allow this island to go on for public usage in the Creative Mode, but over enthusiast fans as well as pro-players can’t wait to go toe to toe with this so-called impossible obstacle course.

The Only Obstacles Are In Your Mind

Seeming to start a new trend in creating obstacle courses, the use of Creative Mode has inspired pro-player Cizzorz in developing the “Deathrun”, in late December 2018. An obstacle course that came along with a money prize of 1000 $ that was going to go to the fastest player that managed to finish the course. It caught on fast among fans, and when another pro-player from Team Liquid announced that he is going to supplement the prize with an extra 500 $, everybody knew things got serious.

In the meanwhile, a new obstacle course is on the brink of being released. DeathRun 2.0 and we are sure to speak in the name of the whole Fortnite community when we say : keep ’em coming !


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