Janko Ynk Paunovic – Astralis Are The Best Cs Since Cs Go Hit The Market

He has been regarded as the professional analyst for CS:GO  – Janko Paunovic is a former CS player from Serbia who gave up his job recently and got a job as a coaching position at MIBR. His free time enabled us to invite him to discuss his job-switching, the abundance of events and competitions as well why does he consider Astralis to be the best players of CS at the moment.  He thinks that people are not aware of how difficult is to be a professional FPS player. Also states that esports betting USA have never been so popular.

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A Lot Of Struggle You Don’t See

Talents have a lot of things to do behind the scene that people cannot see. They think that we just go out, sit there, click and get the win. It is actually far away from that – as we are all professionals in this job, we need to practice a lot, every day at least for 8 hours. Like you have a real job. Also, there  are other things that we face during the tournaments, and it is always different from tournament to tournament but sometimes can be a real struggle.

Professional CS:GO players usually have a very busy tournament schedule that forces them to play the matches one after another. While this can be a great thing, Jankovic does not really agree, as you need to take the rest before you plunge into the other match. Players have complained a lot and for a long time because of this hectic schedule. The great LAN matches right after the big tournament London Major – it is not an easy task at all. While the players complain about the number of tournaments that are played right after another one, Jankovic suggests that the schedule should be different a little bit.

Instead of many events that are played, players should be playing a simple league because it is more convenient than playing tournaments that you cannot practice and prepare for. Jankovic thinks that things will be different in the future, as players cannot sustain the buys schedule while staying focused and ready for the matches. Therefore, he suggested starting with an official league instead of everlasting tournaments that you cannot prepare for on time. Like with everything in life, CS GO requires to practice a lot before starting a tournament.

Jankovic Will Re-Evaluate His Position In MIBR

He said he thought about staying there for a long time. According to his words, they did a lot together as a team, but it is simply time for him to move further. A transfer to MIBR has nothing to do with alleged rumors about the fights with other teammates; he explained that he simply wanted to do more and commit more to return to the top, as being the best CS GO team. He said he would expect things to go smooth and that he would establish his position by the end of September.

Jankovic mentioned that several other teams, including FaZe team, offered him a position of a coach. He said that he turned down the offer and stated that they need a roster change. When it comes to the question who is the best at CS GO at the moment, he noted that team Astralis is the rampage and you cannot stop them! He thinks they are the best team of CS GO since the CS GO came out, as no one managed to beat their score, style of play and commitment to become the best team in the league – they play as a unit and that is the key. We will see, once he gets accustomed as a coach, will Astralis stay on the top once Jankovic takes the coach’s wheel!