LOL Pantheon Rework

Riot Games has just recently announced the rework of one of the popular champions, namely Pantheon

Considering what was suggested over this year, Pantheon stands out as the next champion that will experience a full gameplay update. What was revealed in the trailer, Riot Games shed light on the update behind the scene of the entire rework system. Previously available for play as the Artisan of War, the newly designed champion Pantheon will be now played as the Unbreakable Spear. As revealed in the video, Riot Games developers represent that the infamous aesthetics of Spartan theme will remain in place. It should be still noted that more could have been done to design a champion with his own unique personality.

The upcoming update will shed light on Pantheon’s lore. More precisely, a skilled warrior Atreus used to play host to the godlike Artisan of War. That god was then defeated by another champion, which was the demonic Aatrox, returning Atreus control over his own body. The mortal warrior now returns, which is now scarred from his past experiences, as revealed in the cinematic trailer.

The developers of Riot Games indicate that Pantheon’s previous abilities were played in the same ways disregarding the context of gameplay situation. So, they couldn’t move any further with the concepts of Pantheon’s pre-reworked set of skills. Hence, the video represents new abilities, namely the line skillshot version of Q, leap-based W, and defense-related E skill.

Even though all of the skills were changed, Riot Games developers underline that his particular iconic ultimate remained pretty much the same. What is now renamed as the “Grand Starfall,” the skill brings Pantheon in an angle, eventually allowing a champion to streak across the map. This reform will make skilled players demonstrate powerful combos and some skilful plays all over the map.

Riot, in such regard, hasn’t revealed the date for Pantheon’s rework. In light of this announcement, the players are ultimately close to the release of the patch 9.15, so newly designed champion is unlikely to be released in the nearest future. Lol betting websites indicate that players should expect Unbreakable Spear to be released no shorter than League of Legends 9.16 settles on the servers.

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