Lol Tournaments In 2019 With The Biggest Prize Pools

19.8 million. That was the number of concurrent viewers that the 2018 Mid-Season Invitational has registered. With a total number of 127 million unique viewers, the final game becoming one of the most watched eSports matches of all times. This is most likely going to be an article of numbers. And mostly, the impressive numbers that surround what has become the unparalleled story of League of Legends.

These impressive figures surely bring along a peaked interest League of Legends bets. And seeing how one thing leads to another, this interest strings along the desire to see the world’s best players at work. And what better way to ensure that a better part of these players gets together at the same time? Hosting tournaments that offer big prize pools usually does the trick. Up next we have the most interesting tournaments that have already been announced, listed after prize pools value.

 Nothing beats the World Championship

And basically, that is the truth with regards of mostly any aspect of the intense competition that is the World Championship: the teams in the best shape at that moment, the most valuable players, the highest number of viewers, the greatest money prizes in League of Legends history.

Speaking in terms of money prizes, the World brings out the top dollars from Riot Games. Although they haven’t announced it yet, we can all presume, based on a long-time tradition that the prize pool is going to reach new heights this year. Also, the prize pool for the whole season of Fortnite has been announced at 100 million dollars. Taking this into account, I’d say that there is a good chance that Riot would try not to let the rookie eSport cram all the spotlight in its first year as a professional declared eSport.

But what we can take almost for granted is that the prize pool this year it’s at least going to match last year’s. 6.45 million dollars was the total prize pool of 2018, with more than 2.4 million dollars going directly to Invictus Gaming, the current World Champs.

Place your League of Legends bets on these events

The Premier Events are the second-ranked tournaments on account of money winnings. Although not even close to what the World Championship has to offer, these prizes are not ones to easily pass up within the blink of an eye.

These usually come up like two times per year events, a Spring tournament and a Summer one, each major league hosting its own events. For now, only details of the Spring Masters are known, seeing how they already are in motion. So, 2019 comes with:

  • League of Legends European Championship, in Berlin, having a prize pool of 200,000 EUR, with 80,000 EUR for the winner
  • LoL Korean Championship, placed in Seoul with a total benefit of around 280,000 USD, giving over 90,000 USD to the winner
  • LoL Championship Series is going down in Los Angeles, competing for 200,000 USD, with half going to the number one team
  • LoL Pro League, the league with most viewers, taking place in Shanghai and Hangzhou, with the greatest reward, of around 500,000 USD, but only a third going to the team that finishes first
  • LoL Masters Series, in Taipei, which haven’t revealed their prizes, but last year they had about 100,000 USD for total winnings.

Also categorized as a Premier Event is the Mid-Season Invitational. Still having the details unannounced for the year at hand, we can say that 2018’s event had 1,370,000 USD in the total prize pool, so for sure, it’s an event to follow up this year, as well.