New Apex Legends Leak Gives Detailed Look At Rumored Character Octane

Amid the excitement of Apex Legends, rumors have begun to air for the game’s Legend character Octane which was recently released in images leaked on the internet. Each image revealed the abilities of the Legend and the overall looks of the character. Although the images are rumors or speculated features of the character still they are suspected of having at least a pinch of truth. Looking at the images, one can say that the speculated features and characters are what the players of Apex Legends should really expect.

The latest rumor has received collective interest from the Apex Legends community as it shows Havoc rifle from the developer Respawn Entertainment before the actual release date. It is interesting to see the level of excitement that the game, which has been out for no more than a month has already gained.

The latest content of the game has in fact fuel the growing interest of the gaming community as it details on the ability and other crucial information of the new modes to Titanfall’s signature Titans.  Nevertheless, the recent Apex Legends leak is one of the most convincing visual that fans have got to see.

Everything started with a Reddit Post

A Reddit post, which however has been removed by the redditor Childz_pl4y, by user Voeno got maximum views for Apex Legends subreddit originally posted on February 27. The subreddit, however, consisted only of the image of a Legend whose name once confirmed in the game’s code in previous rumored reports.

The character Octane is said to be the most crucial character featuring high-speed daredevil support from some of the most interesting characteristics of the character including a sluggish but promising health regeneration, a tactic that provides its users with ultimate movement speed as well as amazing features that uses a launch pas similar to that of a Fortnite.

As of now the amalgamation of Octane’s Swift Mend high-speed ability and Adrenaline Junkie might sough overpowering to accurate to be true, it is rather the balance that brings about the much-sorted health sacrifice that players deploying Adrenaline Junkie are required to make that actually support the much-rumored image.

Rumored Apex Legends leaks and shots have been around for some time for any gaming character that would have characteristics similar to that Apex Legends, but the recent leak seems to the creation of a thoughtful mind or someone with amazing Photoshop skills.

What grabbed more attention?

Apex legends Octane

The most interesting part of the latest leaked image is that the picture shows an additional pane located between the current Armory and Store tabs, this could possibly mean that the rumored look is actually of the game’s upcoming build, the one which is almost certain to support the confirmed Season  1 Battle Pass of the game. In the meantime, another hazed image leaked shows Octane. Unusually, perfectly-modeled for a counterfeit, he seems like a more of a grounded version of Junk Rat of Overwatch.

The features of the character are inspired from the hero shooter of Blizzard and therefore seem more reasonable and real. Moreover, a most significant feature of Octane’s is his robotic legs that evidently Titanfall in their functions as well as aesthetic – just like the Adrenaline Junkie tactical ability of Octane that like most of the other tactical abilities of the Legends is drawn from is similar Pilot Tactical in Titanfall 2.

This, however, is all about speculated news as of now. Respawn, so far, has not made any official announcement pertaining to the leaked image. This means the much anticipate the existence of Octane is in rumors only. Nevertheless, the fans of Apex Legends has no need to wait longer for the release of new images or content as the inaugural of the game season is scheduled to begin in March 2019. The dates, however, is not officially announced yet. The Apex Legends fans can continue to look up the internet for the release date and the final images of the Legend character.