Overwatch Cosplay Battle

Lovers of Overwatch would confess to countless times they’ve been glued to the Blizzard Entertainment tweets hoping to discover more about what is in store this Christmas season. And you would have guessed right that everyone has their finger crossed looking forward to more improvements on games like SC2, Warcraft, Hearthstone, World of Craft, Starcraft and Heroes of The Storm. Overwatch Winterland, according to news from the company, is returning on 11th December and gamers cannot wait to discover what the eSports giant has in store.  So far, a few more new skins and new heroes have been unveiled.

After a season of an entertaining fight, players can also without a doubt, expect events like Brawl Offensive and Brawl in Mei’s Yeti Hunt to return. A teaser will be availed soon to give players a glimpse into a Winterland they desperately want to explore. Plus, with Overwatch Cosplay having started in November 26th, there is no doubt bettors are poised to make money choosing from a range of Overwatch bets. Moreover, its launch takes Blizzards Entertainment to a new high in gaming development.

Overwatch Bets: What to Expect in Cosplay

Before you take a leap into the battlefield in the New Year, you have to buckle up real tight.  Cosplay gives you more than just skins and weapons. This time around, Overwatch eSports players have been competing in making costumes before heading over to battle lines. It is still a six-team event, but some of the most notable features about Overwatch Cosplay include the following:

  • Teams spend three months competing in creating costumes.
  • Players are drawn from three main countries namely: Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain and Russia. Each country presents a team of three Cosplayers to battle it out in the Royale event.
  • Selected juries who will oversee the competition and award winners are drawn from the Cosplay professionals namely: Sosenka and Kamui; and Blizzard’s top artists namely: Renaud Galand and Rachel Day.
  • Voters elect a favorite gaming community to be crowned the winner.
  • Prizes include 3D printing materials valued at 2,500 Euros and a 3D Printer. There is also an award for the most favorite team voted in by European players. The best walks away with a signed artwork by Overwatch developers.

More Reason to Start Playing Overwatch

Blizzards entertainment, since its launch, has seen successful games created for platforms such as PS4, Xbox and PlayStation. There are many reasons to be part of this eSports gaming revolving such as the following:

  • It is an event that celebrates creativity. By taking part in creating costumes for battle heroes and being awarded for it, players of Overwatch Cosplay up their gaming skills through a creative process.
  • A celebration of craftsmanship in making costumes for battle heroes. It is also a test for originality and accuracy in creating something unique.
  • The event presents a stage for national pride. With players drawn from six major European countries, you wouldn’t want to let your country down in becoming the best costumer, let alone winning an award for it.

Keep it Locked

Thus far, there is no doubt Overwatch will remain a top gaming experience in 2019. A recent announcement that Chengdu Hunters will participate in the New Year’s league as China’s second event entry after Guangzhou Charge adds to already feverish Cosplay battle.

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