Paypal Esport Betting

PayPal is an online payment system that came into public in the year 1998. With time it has risen to become one of the best, efficient and fastest mode of online payment in the world. This mode of payment was initially a product of eBay a big e-commerce marketing place until around 2014 when it was introduced in the gaming world

How to use PayPal for esport Betting

Esport betting requires the following PayPal steps.

Register a PayPal account – to complete your registration process. You have to follow every step that is on the PayPal website after clicking the sign-up button. For you to register, you must have a valid email address together with your home address in to which the confirmation email will be sent and will help finalize the registration of a new account.

Include payments modes like debit or credit card – once you are through with the registration, you can add payment modes like debit or credit cards that happens to be the most commonly used. After including your card details and verifying them, you will be able now to make deposits and payments on esport betting using PayPal.

Merits of Using Paypal to Bet on Esports

PayPal does not have stiff competition making it the most versatile mode of online payment globally. The significant benefit of using PayPal in esport betting include

You don’t need to enter your particulars for every transaction – after giving your payment method the first time using your actual PayPal account, you can keep on using the same procedure in other sales without opening your cards details every time you want to make an esport bet.

Quick to make transactions when depositing and withdrawing – PayPal is fast in comparison with other online money payment platforms. The mode of payment instantly deposits money to esport betting sites such as Pinnacle sports and Cherry Casino. PayPal is also fast in making withdrawals once you win a bet, unlike other withdrawal methods that take longer.

The best esporting site that accepts PayPal

Although PayPal is the fastest and efficient mode of online payments, there are some betting sites that do not use the platform for making deposits or withdrawing. But below are some of the betting platforms that gives both coverage and eSports betting USA PayPal.

  1. Betway Sports

Betway sports has been in existence since the year 2006. The company used to deal with traditional games like horse races, soccer, and basketball before joining esport betting. Though the company’s esport betting was slow at first, it has since grown to have great games to place PayPal esport bets.

Games covered by betway sports include Dota 2, King of glory, Rainbox six, street fighter 5, League of legend, Fifa, StarCraft Broodwar, and NBA 2k.

  1. William Hill

William Hill is one of the oldest well-known betting company that have both online betting marketplace and physical betting stores. Some of the sports that you can use PayPal when placing bets include Baseball, Cycling, Golf, Ice hockey, American football, and Dart.

Though William hill esport betting games are not many, it will be possible for you to place bets on NBA2K, Dota 2, Counterstrike, league of legend, FIFA, and Global Offensive.

  1. Best Red Kings

Best red king is not a big company that dwells in football and horse riding betting. The esport games that you can find in the company include Counter Strike Global Offensive and league of the legend.

  1. Pinnacle Sports

The company has been in existence since 1998 and is a great gambling platform that has a blog to provide game updates and tips. Having the largest selections of games and in-game market to select from, the platforms range of available esport betting with PayPal is fantastic. Some of the games include Dota 2, LoL, World of the tank, Warcraft 3, Rocket league, King of glory amongst others.

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