Review Of The Latest News In Esports

These last weeks have seen a lot of commotion, Betway eSports review increasing its accuracy due to the contract signed with ESL, Overwatch League has seen its first confrontations, while PUBG announced a new challenge for both amateur and pro developers.

Betway Esports Review Bound To Become Better

Some contracts are still being signed after many negotiations: either team completing their rosters before the spring showdown, or sponsorship contracts sealing the deal, as was the case with the collaboration between ESL and Betway.

ESL is the largest eSports company and the one that remained active for the longest time. It has a rich history in organizing and producing game competitions around the world. It does this in strong collaboration with more than one game publishers: Blizzard, Riot, Valve, Microsoft, Wargaming and more. ESL manages national championships, pro leagues, offline tournaments. They are also constantly developing software to fight off online cheating.

The sponsorship between Betway and this gigantic corporation, with ramification in all eSports aspects, is a great opportunity for the betting company at receiving first-hand, crucial information. Especially on account of the exclusive behind the scenes access the bookmaker received along with this deal, besides other perks as in-stream branding or VIP hospitality.

Overwatch League’s Newest Season Darts From The Blocks

The first couple of matches already went down, thus ending the first week. All eyes were on the improved format of the league, especially on the extension teams. The surprise addition of the eight new teams created just the turmoil the organizers desired.

And based solely on the first week’s results, it was not a poor choice indeed. Hangzhou Spark has a great starting record of 2-0, thus proving everyone’s theory about them being one of the most talented team. Also, 2-0 record holds the Philadelphia Fusion and the New York Excelsior.

Another team to keep a close look at is the Vancouver Titans with only one match played, but a victorious one against the Shanghai Dragons. The other teams still show a shaky start, with late additions still adapting their gameplay, or strategies not yet fully defined. As is the case of above-mentioned Shanghai Dragons, or with Florida Mayhem’s zero map wins.

Of course that many more weeks and confrontations lie ahead and twists are surely going to appear, for fans’ delight, but this first week was surely very important for teams’ morale.

Competition Takes More Than One Form

eSports publishers are more than open to feedback in any way it might come. Overwolf has launched the PUBG Developers Challenge, giving all PUBG lovers a chance to create valuable applications to use in the game, thus allowing them to influence the way the game is played.

Both parties stand to gain from this contest, PUBG evolves according to its fans’ vision, while the developers get to be a part of the game’s, and perhaps even eSports’, history. The challenge takes place from February right up until the end of May, and the developers ultimately fight for development funds, constant support, and marketing, with an additional 15.000 USD for the winner himself. This is all part of the long-term plan of Overwolf and Intel, who partnered last August in a 7 million USD fund for developers.

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