Tear Jerking Moments Of 2018 In Esports

As is the case with all the sports we love so much, eSports makes no exception to creating heartbreaking, as well as heartwarming moments. Some moments have played on our heartstrings like on a banjo symphony. This past year has seen stories of spectacular comebacks that flowed a cascade of emotions.

Everyone loves a good underdog story, well perhaps maybe the betting enthusiast, not so much. We’ve had our fair share of underdogs booming out, much to the dismay of most people, as Pubg betting sites can easily recall during the 2018 PGI FPP.

But what really struck a blow right in the middle of the heart were the behind the scene disclosures, the tales that involved family members. Any glimpse in the personal life of cyber stars and any revelation shared made the delight of the fans. Let’s see how you can hold back your tears while recollecting all the emotion-filled moments eSports had set for its fans in 2018

 Emotional K.O

The rush up to the stage of Tako’s little girl, right after him inflicting the final K.O for winning the TWFighter Major in August 2018, has almost been as heart rewarding as his wife bursting into tears of joy, out in the audience. Makes even the most stubborn bachelors reconsider their decision. The fight was awesome as well!

Pubg betting sites thriller

It was a whole lot of excitement at the PGI this year. Especially for the First Person Perspective category. Coming at this event as a clear outsider, the Oh My God team, from China managed to blow all the competition out of the water on day one. Came close to a smidge of excitement with a less good second day, but managed to score the main award, as well as a top player with most kills and the longest survivalist. Much for the dismay of betting passionate, as well as for the excitement of the over 38 million Chinese stream viewers and many participants at the stadium stage.

How to underdog: 101

With a clear focus on the Dota2 domain of eSports, the compLexity Gaming CS:GO team really managed to shift the focus of it for a while. They’ve come from way down and managed to win the Americas Minor, securing one of the eight most precious spots in CS:GO, on a Major tour. The mix of unexperienced players and hard-core veterans paid off this year. Here’s to hoping for continuity.

Rookie: don’t let the name fool you

One of the most emotional speeches was the one that Rookie held after bringing home the World’s title for Invictus Gaming. After a year’s record of 18-1, the tournament had a hectic ride for this team. But, they raised their chin up, regrouped and fought it through the end, managing a 3-0 final score. And the speech from Rookie made the journey even more memorable.

What a way out!

Skadoodle managed to make his and any other retirement ready player dream come through. He went out of the industry with a loud bang and a memorable soon to become meme, catchphrase. So, first, he managed to finish number one in his first Major win. And then, at the post-game interview, while clearly and visible teary-eyed, he landed the epic: “I’m not crying, you’re crying”.

Win events and humanity points

The Injustice 2 second time in a row World Champion is not an easy to forget character and not only because he is often dressed in a giant blue fox costume. SonicFox surprised even further in his after the final win speech. Beginning with “I’m not in it for the money”, he then publicly announced a donation for the runner-up Rewind, in order to help with his dad’s cancer treatment. Cunning as a fox!

From underdog to legend

That is the best way to describe the warpath OG has walked upon all the way up to winning the Dota2 TI in 2018. Ranked as one of the outsiders for this year’s competition, this has managed to become more than one beloved underdog tale but has been transformed into a tale about the rivalry and, perhaps even karma. We’re referring, of course, at the history that binds OG’s team leader NOtail and the ex-OG member and ex- longtime friend, Fly. And what about that evil glare from NOtail at the end of it all?

Overcoming personal struggles is the way to becoming an inspiration

We’re talking about the struggles of fighting off depression and panic attacks like The Big Boss Pine has, only to come back with an even stronger will and determination. Real touching was the first awarding of the Dennis Hawelka award, in memoriam of Overwatch superstar “The InternetHulk”, to his former teammate. As well as the devastating story of Sheever’s cancer battle. All great examples of how to make the best of a bad situation and how to become an inspirational model.

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