The Last Weekend As The Esports Tournament Weekend – Compete In Your Favorite Game

The last weekend offered a great set of advice and suggestions in LoL league as the eight best teams from all around the globe competed for the knockout stage-pass. A coach of the team who has lost recently gave a speech to the remaining teams from Europe, saying they should play their own style instead of using someone’s other. He said they needed to stay true to themselves, utilizing their own personalized tactic, instead of using the popular strategies. Since this weekend was interesting, any dota 2 betting site that offers esports gambling was packed with esports bets, and everyone in the esports world knew about this weekend. Let’s find out more what the coach had to tell the remaining competitors. Have you already seen what bonuses offers Betway for players ? Read here!

Creativity, Teamwork, And Improvisation As The Main Cornerstone For A Win

dota 2 betting siteJakob YamatoCannon Mebdi from the Vitality team said in the interview after the game that the players should not chase anyone, or copy someone’s tactic just because it is a popular one and gets results. It is much more important to offer creativity and teamwork, as these two when combined well, can get a win over any team in any competition. The most important thing, according to his words, is to be confident and have good teamwork. The reason why he said that was Misfits – a European team that managed to push even stronger competitors off-balance. How come you might ask; simply by utilizing unconventional and custom tactics.

He said that the main reason why they managed that was their unconventional and improvisational way of playing, which was crucial for their strikes and kills. However, Misfits did lose eventually, but their style of play should be like an example of how underdog teams could endanger favorites and more professional teams. He also added that the original idea and custom style of play always drag attention and provide tons of new examples of playing. Having in mind the fact that Chinese, as well as Korean, players always offer a good game, he believes that a lot of people tries to copy their work. They always offer a new concept but try to implement some of the things from that concepts while developing own tactic and style of play.

$2,225,000 For The Best Esports Team

G2 Esports had a tough match against the Royal Never Give up the team , while Fnatic had to fight against the Edward gaming. G2 esports had a lot of practice during the past few months, and their teamwork could be a turning point, but the team of Royal Never Give up always has an ace in their sleeve so the fight will be fierce. According to YamatoCannon, the fight would be very interesting, and he said that he was hoping that European teams would take the win. All the matches were streamed online and were available for betting, which attracted millions of people just to be a part of this huge esports event. All the results from all the matches will be published in some of the later articles that we are preparing.

Other Tournaments

Beside MOBA games, the East Coast Throwdown was held the last weekend, and you could compete in games like Street Fighter V, Dragon Ball FighterZ, Soul Calibur 6 and Tekken 7. Besides these, the weekend hosted the events like Tetris World Championship, where the Tetris enthusiasts could test their skills and win some money. We have to say that the last weekend was full of chances to prove your esports skills in your favorite game – so try not to miss it next time as the prizes are great!