Nothing is as daunting as the wide array of options when it comes to esports sites.  The overwhelming number of choices can leave you hesitant in the decision making process.  An understandable situation when it comes to where to bet your money for the best matches and odds.  A thorough Thunderpick review will lay out the pros and cons of choosing this this major esports site.  Check it out below!

How Does Thunderpick Compare In This Review

Launched in 2016, Thunderpick is a very new esports betting site, and although it has not been around for long, it has earned a fairly solid reputation in a surprisingly short amount of time.  Thunderpick reviews are typically very high, with little to no complaints, increasing and maintaining their reputation among the plethora of sites available.  With a increase in the popularity of esports gaming comes the assurance that most competitive betting platforms are well-reviewed.  The criteria includes but is not limited to, customer service, esports offered, deposit/withdrawal options and interface ease of use.  Let’s take a look at how we think this new site stacks up to other, more tenured esports platforms.

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Thunderpick Review: The Pros

One of the most important details to understand about this unique site, is that it operates on a mutual betting system, which differs from most.  Bettors investing money will bet only against other bettors and pitch in to a pool of money used to pay the winning bettor.  They do not bet against the site itself.  This unique set up allows for bettors to have better odds than would otherwise be possible and, in turn, increase their winnings.  Their customer support ranks high if you take into account their live chat feature as well as their speedy and helpful representatives available through social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.  A wide range of options for depositing/withdrawing money also tips the scale in favor of Thunderpick, which allows the use of Bitcoin, Skrill, Alipay and so many more.

For beginner bettors, the Thunderpick site is known for being the easiest site to learn and use among the esports betting community.  The ease of use transfers to their impressively efficient mobile design which makes betting virtually effortless as you browse through matches with the swipe of a finger.  Possibly one of the most features to note is that the percentage of commission that the site takes is the lowest of all the betting sites, meaning more money in the pockets of those who choose this site over others.  That combined with the fact that there is no restrictions on the amount of money you can win like on other betting sites, is very attractive to bettors.

Thunderpick Reviews: The Cons

The drawbacks to using this site are few, but among them is the fact that they don’t offer bettors many bonuses.  Promotions and bonuses are much more prevalent on other sites but as discussed earlier, odds of winning can be much better on Thunderpick with the mutual betting system.  The only con that comes with this unique system is that the odds can change continuously with every bet made, so be aware that this change can happen at any given moment up until the game starts.  Lastly, the customer service can lag when reached by email but the live chat offers a good alternative solution to this issue.  Overall, this site is undeniably one of the better options for esports sites available so get involved to find out why today!