Top 5 Interesting Facts from the World of Bookmakers

The world of bookmakers has the reputation of a tenebrous history, filled with thug-like characters on the verge of inflicting violence when their shady business doesn’t go their way. Betting was considered a shameful vice and going to a bookmaker meant you had to travel towards the darkest corners of society. And it was perhaps true, once.

Nowadays, it has evolved towards concepts such as egb esports betting, online betting and resembles more to investing in the stock exchange, having to calculate odds, using fine statistical formulae, being up to speed with everything that goes down in the sport of choice.

Bookmakers Went Digital

The guy who kept track of all money being lost and won on his registers, the same one who dictated the odds, has slowly but surely been replaced with his online version, a betting website. Bookmaking has moved in the online environment, in a move which keeps up with the changes in the world.

The development of these sites, the security measures they guarantee, the fact you have access to a wide array of odds, only having to choose the best ones with a click of a button, made the change inevitable.

Nobody Likes a Know-it-all

A phenomenon which gains more and more ground is the emergence of the self-appointed gurus, which sell their secrets on how to always win. They are the equivalent of those old-school bookies which gave you “a sure deal”. There are various versions of accumulative betting, bound to make you rich, posted by anonymous users which you can choose to trust or not.

These geniuses can be sorted into two types:

  • Those who make more money from selling services, not from actual wagers. They just require a lot of foolish people and a good, convincing speech. They hide behind the anonymity given by the Internet and can’t be held
  • Those who struggle with statistics, math and good money management, that can put at your disposal their past records of a win versus losses and which have a high percentage of spot-on results.

EGB eSports Betting is the Next Level

This concept clearly combines some of the latest developing trends and might just be the future of this domain. EGB or eGaming bets are websites focused solely on the wagers that users can place, in the world of eSports.

The tremendous audience cybersports players have when streaming on Twitch or on broadcast tournaments made it obvious that specialized betting on eSpors was a field to be exploited.

USA Recent Lift on Betting

Following the lift on betting by the Supreme Court of the USA in 2018, this area closely-related to sports, which in the past had only an underground existence, found a boom in growth. Of course, this lift of ban came with the whole package:

  • no more shut-down, shady bars where people would illegally place bets, but wide-opened, luminous shops where you can place a bet the same way you can buy bread at the supermarket.
  • No more mouth-to-mouth whispers about bookies, but aggressive marketing
  • And no more betting on websites with credit cards issued in another country, but special sites created especially for Americans, with lots of welcome bonuses

Stock Exchange Broker or Bookie Odds Compiler?

The odds compilers are known as traders, with the most essential role. Based on their right appreciation of the odds, the bookmaker determines the profit. Same as those traders that take the decision of buying or selling equities at the perfect time, thus determining profit.

Compilers need to know everything they need to know about the sports they are pricing, same as brokers, about the domain of the company they hold equities at. Besides specializing in a narrow field of expertise, both categories need to have a serious understanding of statistical and mathematical principles.