Valve just surprise revealed its own VR headset

valve VR

Remember, just 10 years ago, everybody was scared when hearing a terrifying word combination “virtual reality”. Well, it seems like not anymore. At least, people are fearlessly googling about the Valve VR headset preorder. By the way, it will be available from the 1st of May.

Esports has already become the most popular entertainment. In order to attract more active gamers, corporations like Valve come up with the numerous ideas for the professional equipment. Despite competitors actively filling the niche, the industry of VR is still developing. This means creative opportunities for Valve engineers, who intrigued their fans not long ago.

In the end of March, Valve released an unexpected teaser that announced Valve Index (VR set) coming up in May 2019. Surprisingly, this device is not the product of Valve cooperation with HTC, its stable and reliable partner.

Valve index Details

The picture that was officially released resembles the other images we could previously see from the info leaks. Users are still questioning the number of cameras (either 2 or 4) being sure that those will be similar to Oculus Quest and other brands of the second VR generation. Most likely, Valve Index will take care of base stations to ensure the user’s safety while exploiting the device.

What is more, Valve Index will be a suitable gadget for people with different face shapes. For example, the ones whose eyes are set far apart will feel equally comfortable as the ones with their eyes set closer. Whereas this detail is thought of being a common one, some of the VR headset producers significantly limit their audience by forgetting their physical parameters.

Another mystical fact is the accurate number of degrees Index will have. For instance, the leaks reported 135 degrees, which is the widest model Valve has been working with recently. From the picture, you can also see the integrated headphones and DisplayPort 1.2. Supposedly, Index will have the USB 3.0 input whereas the potential graphic card cannot be revealed.

The information about other Index features is kept in secret. We are still guessing the model it will be similar to: Vive Pro, HTC Vive, Rift S, which are the higher-end PC, or even Quest (standalone headset). Either option will mean an energetic market fight for the influencers group and here is why.

Oculus is meanwhile launching two sensational VR prototypes of different kinds. We don’t know the exact dates yet, but the products will represent standalone Quest and higher-end Rift S. HTC’s Focus Plus and Vive Cosmos (not launched yet) make the events even more tense. Therefore, Valve’s device has to be convincing enough for the hungry target audience.

Talking about the previous leaks, some of the images released months earlier depict a prototype different from the official image posted by Valve. The first model rather looked like “knucklers” motion controllers, which were completely forgotten by the nowadays testers. Therefore, some assume that right after Valve Index is released, the company will introduce another device. At least, this will give them back a competitive market position, threatened by Oculus.

Most of the Valve followers are begging about another spoiler till May. However, Doug Lombardi made it clear that April is not a good month for the new announcements. Well, maybe Oculus and HTC will indulge our interest? We’ll see!