WESG announces the season’s Grand Finals detail

Any eSports tournament is a great occasion for fans to rejoice and enjoy their favorite games, played by professional players, with obvious skills, always taking the game to superior levels. World Electronic Sports Games make no exceptions. Also, this makes for a great chance to place some CSGO match betting or wager on any of the other games included in this event.

The tournament is coming on in the near future, with very few details remaining unknown, after the disclosure of this year’s grand final’s location.

And the winner is…

Based on the first two editions that turned out to be really blowing successes, which were held in Changzhou and Haikou, it was only the right call to set it up for this year as well in Chongqing, China. When talking about this decision, let’s not omit the fact that the main sponsor, Ali sports, has strong roots in China. After all, the whole contest revolves around the nationalist idea.

The province of Chongqing saw a Dota2 Major taking place right here, not that long ago. The government is trying to give a new face to this city and set it up on a path to the future, making it an eSports hub.

Thus, Chongqing is going to be swarmed, from March 07 to March 17, by all sorts of enthusiasts, from fanatics to pro-players, reporters, sponsors’ representatives and teams’ staff members. The generous prize pool of 2.5 million USD is sure to attract some of the best players in the world, and thus, the spectacle is assured.

Surely a Dota2 and CSGO Match Betting Favorite Event

The WESG started at Alisports’ initiative who wanted an eSports event that resembled the classic Olympic Games, with a focus on nationality and the pride to represent your country. Also, the players were meant to promote values such as teamwork, self-improvement and respect towards their adversaries.

An example on how dedicated the organizers are to respecting those principles mentioned before is the latest news about Dota2 player “Kuku”, being banned from attending WESG final, after making some racist commentaries about a Chinese player during a public server game.

The WESG has more games included in the competition: Dota2 and CSGO being the ones with the highest prize pool, followed by Hearthstone, Starcraft 2 and PES 2019. CSGO and Hearthstone also have the all-women competition we talked about earlier.

The thing that makes this event stand out from the crowd is that any team which wants to participate is welcome, as long as it has a roster made out of players that have the same nationality. So, this year is seeing 64 countries and regions representatives at the starting grid. There are a number of four invites per game, the rest of the teams participating as a result of regional qualifiers. The first half of the players and teams invites have been revealed, with Fnatic for CSGO, Vici Gaming for Dota2, being among the first to be invited.

Also, besides the national identity, the event brushes some other current issues, gender equality being one of the most prominent. The WESG also has a clear focus on women pro-players. Female representatives have two options: competing in mixed teams, alongside men teammates, or in the special all-women competition. Being able to choose which type of contest to enter, is a great step towards encouraging more women in participating at eSports.

With March only days away, everyone is looking forward to see which “national” squad is going to prevail this season.