Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is one of the most popular multiplayer first-person shooter esport games ever to hit the market. Launched by the Valve Corporation in late 2012, the competitiveness and ever-evolving gameplay continue to bring high engagement from the esports community. All major esports betting web platforms feature CS:GO. Below is a breakdown of the CS:GO over the years and the most reliable platforms and methods for betting.

CSGO Betting Sites: Before and After the Valve Controversy

Bringing in an impressive amount of money in competitive tournament winnings and viewers alike, the esports community was hit hard by a crackdown on skin ebetting that threatened to shut down many websites involved. In contrast to using real money, CSGO betting sites that allow you to bet skins, a type of betting in which you can trade items within the game that have either been won or bought, went unregulated. Many of them that were turning a blind eye to the exchange of these items that could, in turn, easily be turned into cash. In a large number of cases, children under the age of 18 became involved due to lack of regulation. Some platforms were also running without a proper gambling license, making the exchange illegal, according to the Gambling Commission. Valve threatened the livelihood of these platforms by sending a cease and desist letter for failing to comply with certain terms of service and standards of betting.

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After Valve’s bold decision, many CSGO platforms became unsafe, some even closing without prior notice and without reimbursement to their bettors. Although there is speculation that these sites will only remain closed temporarily, bettors are beginning to seek better, safer alternatives to trading skins. In these cases, it is good to know that although skin betting certainly has its appeal, web pages where you are required to use real money are and have always been much safer in terms of security. They are able to provide a more regulated betting environment and can guarantee security features are in place for the financial protection of the client. Client info such as age verification and round the clock access to accounts and methods of reliable pay output regulated, real money betting sites above the rest.

Choosing CSGO Betting Sites

Several factors should be considered when comparing platforms for betting, and what each site offers can vary widely. First and foremost, choosing a platform that is fully licensed, credible and closely monitored is important. Furthermore, sites that offer reliable customer service and support resent and engaging online community, promotional bonuses and good odds, as well as a wide variety of matches, are ideal. Platforms such as Betway and bet365 have long been trusted as some of the best. As Valve grows noticeably and increasingly intolerant to this unregulated form of exchange, the best bet is to make responsible decisions when it comes to where you spend your money.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive continues to thrive as one of esports most important games created. The fairly recent controversy hasn’t swayed the fascination that this tactical FPS has for players and bettors alike. Constantly evolving and changing gameplay add challenges that keep players and bettors on their toes and coming back time after time. Almost every esports site will offer this ever popular title, so the importance lies in choosing the best site, ensuring that you’ll have the ideal online experience with minimal risk!