Pinnacle Betting Site History And Review

As the esports culture continues to experience substantial growth, the number of esports betting platforms have also seen a stark increase.  With so many choices, you might be left wondering which sites are best for you.  Nothing ensures credibility like decades of experience and a good standing reputation with clients.  This thorough review of one of the longest running esports sites in the community evaluates what makes them stand out and where they have room for improvement.

Pinnacle Betting’s Early Beginnings

Pinnacle was founded in 1998 and was one of the first book maker platforms to offer esports betting in 2010.  In the time that it has been running as an esports site, it has reported over 5 million esports wagers, making it one of the oldest and largest sites in the industry.  Having taken its first esports bet long before most of the competition even existed, Pinnacle betting has made a name for itself as a reputable site for serious bettors.  Offering a wide range of esports as well as traditional sports, the site boasts a market that appeals to almost everyone.  With a reach beyond just English speaking countries (the UK and the US cannot bet using this platform), they embrace a more international audience where esports have seen immense growth.

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Why Pinnacle Betting Stands Out

Unlike the majority of other esports betting sites, this site does not offer any bonuses to their bettors.  How is it that they still seem to be the preferred choice in the intermediate to advanced audience?  Their popularity stems from their low profit, high volume company model, which allows for their customers to earn more money, along with the best odds you can find on the market.  In the long run, the bettor-bet site relationship is based on trust and consistency, as opposed to the amount of free bonus money the site could use to try to attract bettors to invest money.  This popular site is also known for having a speedy and effective payout process, accepting dozens of different currencies, with withdrawal times as fast as 5 minutes to a few hours.

As far as financial security and winnings, Pinnacle has never banned or limited any bettors based on earnings won.  In stark contrast to other sites that put a cap on how much money you can win or ban you if winnings are too high, they handle financial situations with their bettors with the utmost honesty and are diligent with the quickest pay out times.  Using their new site is efficient and accessible from any PC with Windows, Linux or Mac.  For the convenience and ease of mobile use, the site has an innovative application for all smartphone devices, complete with real time notifications to keep you up to date with any bets placed.  Over the years, bettors have continually returned to this trusted betting site, with not a song or negative review to be found.

Where Pinnacle Betting Has Room For Improvement

While Pinnacle betting inarguably leads the pack in the esports betting community, there is one department where they seem to fall short.  Customer service representatives can only be reached through email and they do not offer any alternative live chat option on their site or phone support.  Although the email response time doesn’t seem incredibly long, a live option would definitely improve the site.  The only other obvious disadvantage to the site is that is it unavailable in major parts of the world such as in the United States and the United Kingdom.  Even without a presence in these countries, they continue to uphold their industry leading reputation.